VCP5: make sure you take the VCP5-DCV Delta Recertification Exam to stay current before Nov. 30

You might be aware that VMware changed the VCP certification on March 10, 2014 . A VCP-certification is now valid for 2 years. This also applies for certifications obtained before March 10. More information in this VMware FAQ. If you are VCP5 Datacenter Virtualization (VCP5-DCV) certified the quickest and cheapest way … [Read more...]

VMworld TV – Eric Sloof talks to Mike Laverick about EVO Rail

Exclusive VMworld TV interview with Mike Laverick about his VMworld 2014, and of course, the EVO Rail … [Read more...]

Latest Fling from VMware Labs – Horizon Migration Tool

The Horizon Migration Tool helps you migrate published applications and desktops from XenApp to Horizon View. One XenApp farm is migrated to one or more Horizon View farm(s). The GUI wizard-based tool helps you: Validate the View agent status on RDS hosts (from View connection server, and XenApp server) Create … [Read more...]

Free e-learning course – VMware vRealize Hyperic Fundamentals [V5.8]

Typical data centers have a diverse ecosystem of applications running on a wide range of web servers, application servers, and database platforms, coexisting with mainframe based applications. Virtualized applications, with virtual machines that are constantly starting, stopping, and reverting to snapshots, adds to the … [Read more...]

VMware vCloud Automation Center 6.1 – Reference Architecture

This technical white paper provides recommendations about deployment topology, hardware specifications, interoperability, and scalability for the following VMware components.  VMware vCloud Automation Center 6.1  VMware vCloud Application Services 6.1  VMware IT Business Management Standard … [Read more...]

HP AMS driver problem in ESXi 5.1

The last weeks several customers contacted me that one or more ESXi hosts are not manageable anymore. The ESXi host has the following symptoms: Unable to manage using the vSphere Client, Web Client or SSH. Unable to perform a vMotion On the ESXi console there is a message: can’t fork Enable services from the … [Read more...]

Download VMware Remote Console 7.0

VMware Remote Console provides console access and client device connection to VMs on a remote host. You will need to download this installer before you can launch the external VMRC application directly from a vSphere web client.Download VMware Remote Console 7.0 … [Read more...]

VMworld 2014 Europe Day 3 Highlights

Can you believe it? VMworld Europe came to an end today, and while numerous tears were shed, Jeremy and Eric from VMworld TV soldiered on through the heartache. They've laughed, they've launched virtual machines, they met Simple Minds! … [Read more...]

VMworld TV Day 2 Highlights

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VMworld 2014 Europe Day 1 Highlights

What a day it was! Join Jeremy and Eric for the big rundown of all the day's great events. Virtual machines never looked this good! … [Read more...]