Intro to VMware NSX-T

This video shows an introduction to the VMware NSX-T platform. Additional information can be found here: Kubernetes and VMware NSX and VMware NSX-T Documentation … [Read more...]

Oracle Monster Virtual Machine Performance on vSphere 6.5

The ability to run extremely large virtual machines on vSphere 6.5 aligns closely with the needs of large databases in the enterprise today. Specifically, Oracle database instances in some cases require large amounts of RAM, many processors, and high-speed flash-based storage to achieve the performance needed. Tests … [Read more...]

vSAN 6.6 Stretched Cluster Demo

Advertise here with BSAI had one more demo to finish and share and that is the vSAN 6.6 stretched cluster demo. I already did a stretched clustering demo when we initially released it, but with the enhanced functionality around local protection I figured I would re-record it. In this demo (~12 minutes) I will show you … [Read more...]

VMware User Environment Manager 9.2 Technical Overview

This brief technical-overview video will introduce you to User Environment Manager 9.2, provide some details about how it works, and examine the architecture. If you are new to the product, or want a short refresher, this is a great place to begin. … [Read more...]

Introducing the beta site

Introducing the new VMware beta site, brought to you by the VMware Information Experience team! … [Read more...]

vSAN 6.6 Demo: Configuration Assist

Advertise here with BSAI just noticed I still had a demo recoding on my desktop from a couple of weeks ago. The topic is vSAN 6.6 configuration assist. Hadn’t done anything with it, so I just added the narratives and shared it on youtube. Only a 3 minute video and quickly shows you where Configuration Assist can … [Read more...]

Latest Fling from VMware Labs – Host Profiles CLI

The Host Profiles CLI Fling (hostprofilescli) is a command-line utility that allows vSphere administrators to perform several operations with Host Profiles that are either not currently possible through existing user interfaces, or possible only through graphical interfaces. The hostprofilescli utility can also be … [Read more...]

Upcoming training courses

If you are interested in joining me at a vRealize Install Configure and Manage [6.2] or vSphere Optimize and Scale [6.5] training course in Utrecht (the Netherlands), I've got two great oppertunities for you: I still have a few seats left in this awesome vRealize Operations Manager: Install Configure and … [Read more...]

Change multicast address when running multiple vSAN clusters in same VLAN

Advertise here with BSABefore vSAN 6.6 we would always recommend to change the multicast address when running multiple vSAN clusters in the same VLAN. Now that with vSAN 6.6 we removed multicast, does this best practice/recommendation still apply? I went looking for a clear statement but couldn’t find any, until … [Read more...]

Latest Fling from VMware Labs – vCenter Cluster Performance Too

vCenter Cluster Performance Tool is a Powershell script that uses vSphere PowerCLI to obtain performance data for a cluster by aggregating information from individual hosts. You have the following options to specify in the script. An “interval” of 20s or 300s. The default is 20s, and corresponds to real time … [Read more...]