Day 3 and 4 report #VMworld

I was planning on writing up a Day 3 at the end of Wednesday but ended up at the VMworld party instead. Lets start off with Wednesday by itself though. I had a couple of sessions scheduled. A session on VMware EVO:RAIL in a slightly bigger room than the session on Tuesday (6x as big) and a panel session. The EVO:RAIL … [Read more...]

VMware vSphere 5.5 Update 2 available before end of September

During VMworld ,VMware announced it will make available vSphere 5.5 Update 2 before the end of September. Update 2 will not bring new features but will bring new support. Some of the changes Update 2 will have: support for the new vCloud Suite 5.8 additional updates and patches (over 100 fixes) the vSphere client … [Read more...]

VMworld TV: Day 4 Highlights

The journey has reached it's end. Join the VMworld TV crew (along with some special guests) as they look back at what has surely been the greatest VMworld of all time. … [Read more...]

Visiting the Hands-On Labs

Eric and Jeremy check out the hands-on labs, which features 500 work stations, 100,000 virtual machines, and 10,000 labs. Features interviews with Andrew Hald, Pablo Roesch, and Joshua Schnee. … [Read more...]

VMworld 2014 Highlights – a complete recap

VMworld 2014 Highlights - Day 1 Live report from the VMworld 2014 General session. Today VMworld 2014 kicks off with the VMworld 2014 General session. The theme for this year is “No Limits”. Follow the VMworld 2014 General session live, here, on VMGuru. Announcement of VMware EVO: RAIL Hyper-Converged … [Read more...]

Veeam: Installing patch 4 Veeam Backup & Replication 7.0

  KB ID: 1891 Products: Veeam Backup & Replication Version: Published: 2014-06-05 Created: 2014-05-30 Last Modified: 2014-06-05 New Features and Enhancements VMware Virtual SAN (VSAN) In addition to adding basic support (as provided by other vendors), the intelligent load-balancing engine was … [Read more...]

VMworld 2014 Day 4 Highlights

    Today was the last day at VMworld 2014, check out the VMworld 2014 Day 4 Highlights. Live report from the VMworld 2014 Day 4 General session. The general session on the second day often shows a lot of speakers and demos. We did some MMPTW (Massive Multi-Player Thumb Wrestling), saw some nifty robots and … [Read more...]

Veeam v8

    Yesterday at VMworld 2014 I attended a breakout session which gave a preview of Veeam v8. Veeam compared it to the V8 Lamborghini, it's a beast. Just as Veeam Backup & Replication product name implies, the cornerstone of data protection strategy includes both image-based backup and replication in the … [Read more...]

VMware Virtual SAN best practices

    This morning at VMworld 2014 there was a great session regarding the most common mistakes/pitfalls in VMware Virtual SAN design. One of the speakers was Cormac Hogan, VMware Storage Architect. He had some great tips. Minimal cluster size is 4 nodes. According to the requirements you can build a Virtual … [Read more...]

VMworld TV Interview: Duncan Epping and Cormac Hogan Discuss Their New Book

<span id="XinhaEditingPostion"></span>Eric Sloof interviews famous authors Duncan Epping and Cormac Hogan, who discuss their new book "Essential Virtual VSAN: Administrator's Guide to VMware Virtual SAN", at VMworld US 2014. … [Read more...]