How to grow your blog/youtube channel/podcast/social following

I posted this thread on Twitter and Linkedin, and I figured I would cross-post it here as well, as it makes it easier to find whenever I need to point someone to it. I get this question still once every quarter at least: I started blogging, podcasting, and/or a channel on youtube, how do I grow my audience? It seems … [Read more...]

What if the disk controller driver included in my vendor’s ESXi image is not on the vSAN HCL?

Sometimes unfortunately there are situations where a vendor’s ESXi image includes a disk controller driver that is not on the vSAN HCL/VCG (VMware Compatibility Guide). Typically it is a new version of the driver which is supported for vSphere, but not yet for vSAN. In that situation, what should you do? So far … [Read more...]

Empowering development teams to make the most of Kubernetes’ potential

Kubernetes infrastructure is democratizing and commoditizing container platforms for software developers, serving as the core for modern, cloud-native applications. Its standard APIs and the standardized container image format it uses to ensure that Kubernetes is Kubernetes, regardless of the underlying infrastructure … [Read more...]

VMware vSphere 7.0 U1 Tagging Best Practices

Writing code to use VMware vSphere tags can be challenging in large-scale environments. In this technical paper, VMware discusses the scalability limits of tags, and we give some tips and tricks for writing performant tagging code in either Java or PowerShell. While the performance results in this paper are specific … [Read more...]

Is a crossover cable needed for vSAN 2-Node Direct Connect?

I had this question last week around vSAN 2-node direct connect and whether using a crossover cable is still required to be used or if a regular CAT6 cable (CAT 5E works as well) can be used. I knew the answer and figured this would be documented somewhere, but it doesn’t appear to be. To be honest, many websites … [Read more...]

Automated deployment of vRealize Suite in VCF 4.1 – Part 4

In the previous part of the automated deployment of vRealize Suite in VCF 4.1, we deployed the vRealize Log Insight and we also configured additional settings. This part will cover deployment and configuration of vRealize Automation 8.1. Before you begin, make sure that you have the vRealize product bundles downloaded … [Read more...]

Can’t have more than 255 characters in VM notes using the vSphere (h5) Client?

I had a question about a limit a customer was hitting with the VM notes using the vSphere (H5) Client. They noticed that whenever they got around ~260 or so characters, they could not add any characters beyond that unless they deleted some. After talking to an engineer within VMware I found out that this is indeed the … [Read more...]

Logitech Brio Webcam issues with autofocus and not retaining settings on Mac OSX

I have been using a Logitech Brio Webcam for the past year or so. It is a 4k Webcam which is very useful for webinars and meetings, especially as I run my Macbook with an external monitor and it is closed. Over the past 9 months or so I had a bunch of trouble with the Logitech Brio Webcam. This week I received a new … [Read more...]

Free e-book: Migrate to VMware NSX-T Data Center

NSX-T is uniquely designed to address these requirements. An enabler of new use cases, NSX-T brings architectural enhancements, security, and operational benefits to this API-driven, modern apps world. In this book, VMware will discuss the top use cases for migrating to NSX-T: Distributed applications on … [Read more...]

Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) learning resources

As an End User Computing (EUC) consultant I’m looking for a couple of weeks into Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). My first step was to take the on-line course “Zero to Hero with Windows Virtual Desktop WVD” from Travis Roberts. I can highly recommend this course to everyone who is starting … [Read more...]