Cool Tool – VMware Guest Console Tool – v1.0

The VMware Guest Console Tool is a GUI Tool to launch the console of a powered on VM Guest. Currently, only powered on guests are included, although, if requested, a version to include all guests can be compiled. Check out the screenshot to get an idea of what it looks like. Minimum Requirements: … [Read more...]

Free e-learning course – Horizon (With View) Fundamentals [V6.0]

This (4 hours; self paced) free e-learning course covers the main features and components in the View solution and how to install and configure View. The course consists of five modules: Introduction to View discusses the View architecture and key benefits and features of the View solution Installing and … [Read more...]

Let Cloudphysics help rid yourself of Heartbleed

Unfortunately the Open SSL Heartbleed bug (CVE-2014-0224) is present in the ESXi and vCenter 5.5 builds. VMware responded by incorporating a patch to solve the OpenSSL vulnerability in the OpenSSL 1.0.1 library. For more info about the ESXI 5.5 patch read KB 2076665, VMware issued two releases for vCenter 5.5, read KB … [Read more...]

VMware Horizon 6 integration with Virtual SAN

In this session Rawlinson Rivera, Sr Technical Marketing Architect; will cover Horizon 6 integration points with Virtual SAN as well as the ease, streamline management and implementation capabilities for virtual desktop infrastructures. … [Read more...]

Must attend VMworld sessions 2014

Every year I do this post on the must attend VMworld sessions, and I just realized I had not done this for 2014 yet. So here it is, the list of sessions I feel are most definitely worth attending. I tend to focus on sessions which I know will have solid technical info and great presenters. Many of which over the years … [Read more...]

Setting up vPostgres replication in the VMware vCloud Automation Center 6.0 virtual appliance

VMware vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) 6.0 documentation recommends the utilization of an external instance of vPostgres when setting up a high availability (HA) environment. However, since the release of vCAC 6.0 documentation, standalone vPostgres is EOA and no longer available as a standalone product.To address … [Read more...]

Attend VeeamON, because community

In the pre-VMworld buzz, it’s not hard to forget other virtualization-related conferences. VeeamON, however, is a new kid on the block, and I have high expectations for this conference. Why attend VeeamON? I tend to choose to attend conferences based on the ‘community’ aspect of the conference. Does … [Read more...]

Software Defined Storage, which phase are you in?!

Working within R&D at VMware means you typically work with technology which is 1 – 2 years out, and discuss futures of products which are 2-3 years. Especially in the storage  space a lot has changed. Not just innovations within the hypervisor by VMware like Storage DRS, Storage IO Control, VMFS-5, VM Storage … [Read more...]

New Training Course – VMware vCloud Automation Center: Install, Configure, Manage [V6.0]

This 5 days training course focuses on installing, configuring, and managing VMware vCloud Automation Center. This course covers the configuration and use of the vCloud Automation Center platform self-service provisioning and creation of on-demand private and multivendor cloud services. Understand the vCloud … [Read more...]

Separate ISO datastore and VSAN? Use Veeam vPower NFS!

Recently, I have had a design challenge for my non-profit unmanaged VPS hosting project, The challenge basically comes down to offering ISO files to the platform’s tenants. In earlier design iterations, I’ve always had a separate datastore on shared storage with separate tenant rights assigned … [Read more...]