Ready to Learn Cloud Foundry?

To help people get started using Cloud Foundry, the community has made available three beginner training courses. They are developed under the Apache open source licensing model, giving anyone the ability to freely use the materials to become more proficient on Cloud Foundry, as well as to contribute to the … [Read more...]

Startup intro: Reduxio

Advertise here with BSAAbout a year ago my attention was drawn to a storage startup called Reduxio, not because of what they were selling (they weren’t sharing much at that point though even) but because two friends joined them, Fred Nix and Wade O’Harrow (EMC / vSpecialist fame). I tried to set up a … [Read more...]

VMware vRealize Network Insight: Health and Availability

Optimize network performance and availability with visibility and analytics across virtual and physical networks. Provide planning and recommendations for implementing micro-segmentation security, plus operational views to quickly and confidently manage and scale VMware NSX deployment. … [Read more...]

Big Data Performance on vSphere 6

Best practices are described for optimizing Big Data applications running on VMware vSphere. Hardware, software, and vSphere configuration parameters are documented, as well as tuning parameters for the operating system, Hadoop, and Spark. The Dell 12-server cluster (10 of which were dedicated to Hadoop … [Read more...]

Multi-site with Cross-VC NSX and Palo Alto Networks Security

A demo showing how a multi-site Cross-VC NSX can be used with third party security services; an example is demonstrated using Palo Alto Networks. Cross-VC NSX provide for consistent security across multiple vCenter domains and sites with Universal Distributed Firewall. Further, third party security services such as … [Read more...]

Running your VSAN witness for a 2 node cluster on a 2 node cluster

Advertise here with BSAA week ago we had a discussion on twitter about a scenario which was talked about at VMworld. The scenario is one where you have two 2-node clusters and for each 2-node cluster the required Witness VM is running on the other. Let me show you what I mean to make it clear: The Witness VM on … [Read more...]

VMware Horizon 7 Network Ports

This comprehensive Horizon 7 Network Ports diagram specifies ports for View in VMware Horizon 7, VMware Identity Manager, VMware App Volumes, VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon, and VMware Access Point. … [Read more...]

App Volumes Reviewer’s Guide

The VMware App Volumes Reviewer’s Guide is a comprehensive technical overview to help you evaluate VMware App Volumes. You learn about App Volumes architecture and components, and storage, network, and security. The installation and configuration sections present a basic App Volumes deployment. Exercises in the … [Read more...]

@DuncanYB’s recommended reads part 5

Advertise here with BSAWhat a crazy week, VMworld. Many announcements by many different vendors and of course a kazillion blog posts. I picked a few which stood out to me and which are worth reading. VMworld VMare Code hackathon to hit Barcelona 2016 by Alan Renouf The US version of the hackathon was a big success, … [Read more...]

New Book – VMware Software-Defined Storage

VMware Software-Defined Storage, A Guide to the Policy Driven, Software-Defined Storage Era presents the most in-depth look at VMware's next-generation storage technology to help solutions architects and operational teams maximize quality storage design. Written by a double VMware Certified Design Expert, this book … [Read more...]