DRS threshold 1 does not initiate Load balancing vMotions

vSphere 7.0 introduces DRS 2.0 and its new load balancing algorithm. In essence, the new DRS is completely focused on taking care of the needs of the VMs and does this at a more aggressive pace than the old DRS. As a result, DRS will resort to vMotioning a virtual machine faster than the previous DRS. And this is … [Read more...]

Use Packer to install Windows 11 and enable vTPM and VBS

I use Packer for building images for VMware VDI environments. With the latest version (when writing this blog Packer version 1.7.7 is the latest version) it is not possible to configure a TPM in the Hashicorp Configuration Languag (HCL) config file. TPM 2.0 is required to install Windows 11. A vTPM emulates a physical … [Read more...]

New Badge – VMware vRealize Operations Specialist

The VMware vRealize Operations Specialist (5V0-35.21) which leads to the VMware Certified Specialist – vRealize Operations 2021 badge, is a 76-item exam, with a passing score of 300 using a scaled method. Exam time is 135 minutes. Exam Guide Badging Path - VMware Specialist vRealize Operations … [Read more...]

Unexplored Territory: A conversation with Kit Colbert, VMware’s new CTO

One of my goals for this year was starting the Unexplored Territory Podcast. A podcast however is only relevant when people bother to listen to it, as such I figured I would use my blog to promote the podcast for now. As you can imagine, we are hoping to grow our audience fast, and we can use all the help we can get. … [Read more...]

Enterprise Workload Performance on Kubernetes with CPU Limits – VMware vSphere 7 with Tanzu Performance Study

The results in this paper show that Kubernetes clusters deployed on VMware vSphere with Tanzu can match or exceed the performance of bare-metal clusters deployed on identical servers. … [Read more...]

What’s New in Performance for VMware vSphere 7? Updated for vSphere 7.0 U1, U2, and U3

Underlying each release of VMware vSphere are many performance and scalability improvements. The vSphere 7.x platform continues to provide industry-leading performance and features to ensure the successful virtualization and management of your entire software-defined datacenter. Performance Study - Updated for vSphere … [Read more...]

Announcing the Unexplored Territory Podcast!

Frank, Johan, and I have been working on this for a few months already, but today I can finally share that a brand new podcast series will be out soon. This bi-weekly podcast (released on Monday) is titled “Unexplored Territory“. We will be discussing topics such as public cloud, virtualization, … [Read more...]

A VMworld 2021 retroperspective with Jeffrey Kusters and Robert Kloosterhuis

VMworld 2021 is a wrap! Once again as on-line event VMworld offered more than 800 sessions. There were some great announcements including Tanzu Community Edition, the launch of vSphere /w Tanzu on VMware Cloud on AWS and a long list of “projects” – some already available as a tech preview. Together … [Read more...]

Install Windows 11 on VMware vSphere with a virtual TPM

Yesterday I wrote a blog called “Install Windows 11 as VM on VMware vSphere / Workstation without TPM 2.0 chipset“. In this blog article, I explained how to install Windows 11 without having a TPM 2.0 chipset by using a registry hack. Paul Braren from tinkertry.com created a cool video (link) about … [Read more...]

Project Monterey and the need for Network Cycles Offload for ML Workloads.

VMworld has started, and that means a lot of new announcements. One of the most significant projects VMware is working on is project Monterey. Project Monterey allows the use of SmartNICS, also known as Data Processing Units, of various VMware partners within the vSphere platform. Today we use the CPU inside the ESXi … [Read more...]