SIOControlFlag2 what is it?

I had a question this week what Misc SIOControlFlag2 was. Some refer to it as SIOControlFlag2 and I’ve also seen Misc.SIOControlFlag2. In the end it is the same thing. It is something that sometimes pops up in the log files, or some may stumble in to the setting in the “advanced settings” on a host … [Read more...]

Management Pack for NSX for vSphere 2.0

The VMware vRealize Operations Management pack for NSX-vSphere is a must have for network operations and virtual infrastructure operations team who are planning on scaling their virtual networking functions out across 100's of vSphere hosts. This management pack discovers, analyzes and represents the broad number of … [Read more...]

Virtualization networking strategies…

I was asked a question on LinkedIn about the different virtualization networking strategies from a host point of view. The question came from someone who recently had 10GbE infrastructure introduced in to his data center and the way the network originally was architected was with 6 x 1 Gbps carved up in three bundles … [Read more...]

VIBSearch Finding VIB versions

VIBSearch is a simple PowerShell script with a GUI that will search for a specified VIB or all the VIBS installed on the ESXi hosts. A VIB stands for vSphere Installation Bundle (VIB). VIBs are used to package and distribute ESXi software such as drivers. The GUI is designed with SAPIEN PowerShell Studio 2014. With … [Read more...]

Request for feedback on blueprint usage in vCAC/vRA

The post Request for feedback on blueprint usage in vCAC/vRA appeared first on - Virtualization & Cloud Management. I picked up a message on LinkedIN from Nikunj Nemani, who's a Senior Product Manager with the vRealize Automation/vCloud Automation Center team:   The questionaire is on how you … [Read more...]

Back to Basics – SRM – Part 4: Inventory Mappings

In the previous part, we had a look at the virtual machine replication options that are available in the vSphere Replication from the vSphere Web Client. This part of the SRM mini-series will go deeper on the inventory mappings that can be configured in SRM. So basically, the inventory mappings provide a convenient way … [Read more...]

VMware: My favorite Windows 2012R2 template configuration

  Virtual Hardware (VMX) Template configuration Hardware Value Memory 2 GB CPU’s Number of virtual sockets: 1 Number of cores per socket: 2 Video card Number of video displays: 1 Total video memory: 5 MB (1280×1024) VMCI device None SCSI Controller 0 Hard disk 1 LSI Logic SAS, bus sharing: none 40 GB, Thick … [Read more...]

vCAC 6: Limitations on concurrent VM provisioning activities

The post vCAC 6: Limitations on concurrent VM provisioning activities appeared first on - Virtualization & Cloud Management. When deploying vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) or vRealize Automation (vRA) you have to deal with a lot of different components that all have their own maximums when it comes … [Read more...]

Geek Whisperers episode: Marketing, Blogging & Community

I had the honor a couple of weeks ago to be on the Geek Whisperers podcast. It was very entertaining with John, Amy and Matt. The podcast deals about how I got started with blogging and communities and many other random topics. There are a couple things which I wanted to share. First and foremost, blogging and social … [Read more...]

Coho Data: SDS and SDN working as one

During Storage Field Day 6 we visited Coho Data HQ for […] … [Read more...]