VMware vSphere 7 with NVIDIA AI Enterprise Time-sliced vGPU vs MIG vGPU: Choosing the Right vGPU Profile for Your Workload

NVIDIA vGPU allows vSphere to share NVIDIA GPUs among multiple VMs by using either the timesliced vGPU profile or the MIG-with-vGPU profile (we will call this MIG vGPU throughout this paper). These two vGPU modes provide a flexible choice on how GPUs are shared to best leverage the GPU resource. With two options … [Read more...]

Unexplored Territory #023 – Introducing Oracle Cloud VMware Solution with Richard Garsthagen

Although it is the summer holiday season in Europe, we don’t take a brake when it comes to releasing new podcast content. This episode features one of the first VMware bloggers ever (maybe the first!?), who now is responsible for Cloud at Oracle, Richard Garsthagen. Richard introduced us to the world of Oracle … [Read more...]

How to Write a Book – Show Up Daily

During the Belgium VMUG, I talked with Jeffrey Kusters and the VMUG leadership team about the challenges of writing a book. Interestingly enough, since that VMUG, the question of how to start writing a book kept appearing in my inbox, dm, and Linkedin Messaging regularly. This morning Michael Rebmann’s question … [Read more...]

Training vs Inference – Numerical Precision

Part 4 focused on the memory consumption of a CNN and revealed that neural networks require parameter data (weights) and input data (activations) to generate the computations. Most machine learning is linear algebra at its core; therefore, training and inference rely heavily on the arithmetic capabilities of the … [Read more...]

Training vs Inference – Memory Consumption by Neural Networks

This article dives deeper into the memory consumption of deep learning neural network architectures. What exactly happens when an input is presented to a neural network, and why do data scientists mainly struggle with out-of-memory errors? Besides Natural Language Processing (NLP), computer vision is one of the most … [Read more...]

New Book – Kubernetes for vSphere Administrators

vSphere has been the de-facto data centre infrastructure platform of choice for the past decade. In recent years, a new platform has emerged - Kubernetes. But even Kubernetes benefits by running on vSphere. VMware has embraced Kubernetes and has their own Tanzu branded distributions available, which have been … [Read more...]

Demo showing Cross vCenter vMotion between on-prem and VMware Cloud on AWS

Cross vCenter vMotion capability. The demo shows the two migration workflows, performing a workload migration from an on-prem vSphere infrastructure to a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC while the workload remains 'live' and pingable! More info and demos here: vmc.techzone.vmware.com … [Read more...]

List all the active VMware Horizon client versions that are used

Before upgrading a VMware Horizon environment I want to known what VMware Horizon Client versions are in use.  Just to be sure that the VMware Horizon clients are supported when upgrading to a new VMware Horizon version. Another use-case is to identify the VMware Horizon Client versions that are in use for security … [Read more...]

Top 15 VMware Explore Sessions to attend!

Every year over the past decade or so I have done this “Top 15/20 VMworld Sessions to attend” post, although VMworld no longer exists and VMware created this new event called VMware Explore, I feel that this tradition does need to live on! I went over the full catalog and picked the 15 sessions I feel are … [Read more...]

Unexplored Territory 21: Talking core storage with Jason Massae!

Some episodes are just going to be more popular than others, sometimes it is a surprise which episode will be popular, and sometimes it is a given. Episode 21 is all about VMware core storage, and who better to invite than Tech Marketing Architect Jason Massae. Jason owns core storage at VMware, and shares with us all … [Read more...]