Recommended viewing: VMUG Sessions

Last week I presented at a couple of VMUGs and at those VMUGs all whole bunch of sessions were recorded. I receive a lot of requests to speak at VMUGs and although I try to attend many of them, there is still quite a few I have to decline unfortunately. Whenever I visit a VMUG I try to attend various sessions just to … [Read more...]

Back to Basics – SRM – Part 1: Site Pairing

Some time ago I wrote a multi post series on how to install, configure and manage the VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager, based on a setup in my home lab. The latest release (SRM 5.8) now integrates with the vSphere Web Client and my articles are based on the “classic” vSphere Client. So, I decided […] The post … [Read more...]

We are DevOps

Over the last couple of months I have started running in to more and more customers who are wondering what that DevOps thing is they keep hearing about. They want to know if they need to start hiring DevOps engineers and which software they need to procure for DevOps. I more or less already eluded to what I think it … [Read more...]

Reference Architecture: Creating a VMware Software-Defined Data Center

This reference architecture describes an implementation of a software-defined data center (SDDC) usingVMware vCloud® Suite Enterprise 5.8, VMware NSX for vSphere 6.1, VMware IT Business Management Suite Standard Edition 1.1, and VMware vCenter Log Insight 2.0 to create an SDDC. This SDDC implementation … [Read more...]

Identify the Single Sign-On (SSO) deployment method for the vCenter Server

With vSphere 5.5 you have the following deployment methods for Single Sign-On (SSO): vCenter Single Sign-On for your first vCenter Server vCenter Single Sign-On for an additional vCenter Server in an existing site (formerly HA Cluster) vCenter Single Sign-On for an additional vCenter Server with a new site (formerly … [Read more...]

HP Discover Barcelona 2014

HP Discover Barcelona 2014, the worldwide event organized by HP every year. Where the European part is hosted in Barcelona. For the first time I’ve been invited to join a great crew of storage bloggers at HP Discover Barcelona. Thanks Calvin (HPStorageGuy). I have been working with HP for many many years. But mainly on … [Read more...]

Sharing VMUG presentation “vSphere futures”

Last week I presented at the UK VMUG, Nordic VMUG and VMUG Belgium. My topic was vSphere futures… I figured I would share the deck publicly. The deck is based on this blog post and essentially is a collection of what has been revealed at last VMworld. Considering the number of announcements I am guessing that … [Read more...]

VMware Learning Zone

The VMware Learning Zone is a new subscription-based service that gives you a full year of unlimited, 24/7 access to official VMware video-based training. Top VMware experts and instructors discuss solutions, provide tips and give advice on a variety of advanced topics.  <span … [Read more...]

Two free StarWind, Veeam and 5Nine webinars

StarWind Software  together  5Nine is offering 2 free webinars on data protection, high availability and Microsoft Scale-Out File Server. 1.      Building The Highly Available Hyper-V Cluster on Free Microsoft Hyper-V Server – Practice Wednesday, December 3, 11 am ET / 4 pm GMT Featured Speakers: Alexander … [Read more...]

New Training Course – VMware Mirage [V5.0] and Horizon with View [V6.0]: Fast Track

This extended-hours, hands-on training course provides students with skills that they need to deploy a unified image management system using VMware Mirage as well as installing, configuring, and managing the VMware Horizon View component of VMware Horizon.Students learn how to configure security, manage images, perform … [Read more...]