What’s new in PernixData FVP 2.0 – User Defined Fault Domains

With the announcement of FVP 2.0 a lot of buzz will be around distributed fault tolerant memory and the support of NFS. This all makes sense of course since for the first time in history compute memory becomes a part of storage system and you are now able to accelerate file based storage system. But one of the new … [Read more...]

Configuring PernixData FVP 2.0 Fault Domains

This article covers the configuration of PernixData FVP 2.0 Fault Domains using the scenario of a four host vSphere cluster stretched across two blade centers: Default Behavior All hosts in the vSphere cluster are initially placed in the default fault domain. The default fault domain cannot be renamed, removed or … [Read more...]

PernixData FVP 2.0 released

It gives me great pleasure to announce that PernixData released FVP 2.0 today. Building upon the industry leading acceleration platform FVP 2.0 contains the following new features: Distributed Fault Tolerant Memory: FVP fault tolerance makes volatile server memory part of storage for the first time ever. NFS support: … [Read more...]

Changes – Joining Office of CTO

Almost 2 years ago I joined Integration Engineering (R&D) within VMware. As part of that role within Integration Engineering I was very fortunate to work on a very exciting project called “MARVIN”, as most of you know MARVIN became EVO:RAIL, which is what was my primary focus for the last 18 months or … [Read more...]

vCAC 6.1 gotcha: IaaS installation fails with password >8 characters

The post vCAC 6.1 gotcha: IaaS installation fails with password >8 characters appeared first on viktorious.nl - Virtualization & Cloud Management. In this article I want to share an error that might (will?) occur when your using a password which is longer than 8 characters for the administrator@vsphere.local … [Read more...]

Running Arista vEOS inside VMware Workstation

Designed to provide a foundation for the business needs of next-generation datacenters and cloud networks. Arista EOS provides extremely robust and reliable data center communication services while delivering security, stability, openness, modularity and extensibility. This unique combination offers the opportunity to … [Read more...]

VMware Horizon 6 Reference Architecture

This reference architecture provides guidance for implementing a VMware Horizon 6 deployment that supports 2,000 – 10,000 users with an existing server and storage infrastructure. Although hardware is specified for 2,000 users, you can scale the deployment up to 10,000 users using the pod and … [Read more...]

Database workload characteristics and their impact on storage architecture design – part 3 – Ancillary structures for tuning databases

Welcome to part 3 of the Database workload characteristics series. Databases are considered to be one of the biggest I/O consumers in the virtual infrastructure. Database operations and database design are a study upon themselves, but I thought it might be interested to take a small peak underneath the surface of … [Read more...]

Web 2.0 Applications on VMware Virtual SAN

Virtual SAN is a distributed storage product that leverages the combination of SSDs and magnetic disks to provide a hypervisor-integrated, scalable storage solution. While Virtual SAN achieves impressive I/O performance with micro-benchmarks, Virtual SAN is also capable of performing well with a variety … [Read more...]

Free Book – Virtualization 2.0 For Dummies

Virtualizing your servers was the first step to achieving cost savings, high availability, and greater IT efficiency. But as your business is evolving and growing, your virtualized infrastructure needs to do the same - leading to the next-generation data center running on Virtualization 2.0. In Virtualization 2.0 For … [Read more...]