Video – VMware Cloud on AWS Overview (Technical Preview)

See how the leader in private cloud and the leader in public cloud brought their powerful capabilities together to deliver a truly compelling and differentiated solution. You should also take a look at VMware Cloud on AWS Deeper Dive (Technical Preview) … [Read more...]

Publishing Applications with VMware Horizon 7 Quick-Start Guide

Welcome to the Publishing Applications with VMware Horizon 7 Quick-Start Guide. This guide shows you how to quickly install and deploy published applications with VMware Horizon 7. Whether you are new to published applications or run an existing published applications environment, this guide takes you step by step … [Read more...]

VMware NSX Microsegmentation Whiteboard Video

Watch this great whiteboard on microsegmentation with Darrel Whittaker and Chris Larkins! … [Read more...]

vSphere 6.5 Video – Predictive DRS Walk Through

The newest approach is the Predictive Method, currently offered only through VMware's new Predictive DRS option. Predictive DRS using a combination of DRS and vRealize Operations Manager to predict future demand and determine when and where hot spots will occur. When future hot spots are found, Predictive DRS moves … [Read more...]

New Technical White Paper – What’s New in VMware vSphere 6.5

VMware vSphere 6.5 is the next-generation infrastructure for next-generation applications. It provides a powerful, flexible, and secure foundation for business agility that accelerates the digital transformation to cloud computing and promotes success in the digital economy. vSphere 6.5 supports both existing and … [Read more...]

New Technical White Paper – vSphere 6.5 Storage

This whitepaper describes in detail the various features of the vSphere 6.5 Core Storage.  Storage Limit Improvements Pluggable Storage Architecture (PSA) Improvements VMFS-6 UNMAP Storage I/O Control vSphere VM Encryption New Virtual Storage Hardware NFS ISCSI Improvements … [Read more...]

New Technical White Paper – VUM performance and best practices in vSphere 6.5

VMware vSphere Update Manager (also known as VUM) provides a patch management framework for VMware vSphere. IT administrators can use VUM to patch and upgrade VMware ESXi hosts, VMware Tools, virtual hardware for virtual machines, as well as virtual appliances. As datacenters scale to accommodate more … [Read more...]

All-Flash HCI is taking over fast…

Advertise here with BSATwo weeks ago I tweeted about All-Flash HCI taking over fast, maybe I should have said All-Flash vSAN as I am not sure every vendor is seeing the same trend. Reason for it being of course is the price of flash dropping while capacity goes up. At the same time with vSAN 6.5 we introduced … [Read more...]

New Technical White Paper – vCenter High Availability performance and best practices in vSphere 6.5

VMware vSphere is a virtualization platform that forms the foundation for building and managing an organization's virtual, public, and private cloud infrastructures. VMware vCenter Server Appliance (vCSA) sits at the heart of vSphere and provides services to manage various components of a virtual … [Read more...]

New Technical White Paper – VM encryption in vSphere 6.5

VMware vSphere virtual machine encryption (VM encryption) is a feature introduced in vSphere 6.5 to enable the encryption of virtual machines. VM encryption provides security to VMDK data by encrypting I/Os from a virtual machine (which has the VM encryption feature enabled) before it gets stored in the … [Read more...]