Bluetooth Mouse stuttering in Windows 10

As you read in my previous post, I’ve made the switch to Windows 10 from OSX and was running into some issue with my Wifi. Now, a few weeks later I switched my cable mouse to a new nice Bluetooth mouse, the Logitech MX Master 2S. Although it is a really nice mouse to work with, with long battery life, I was … [Read more...]

VMware vSAN 6.6 Witnesses, Components and Votes

Each object is composed of a set of components, determined by capabilities that are in use in the VM Storage Policy. For example, with Primary level of failures to tolerate set to 1, vSAN ensures that the protection components, such as replicas and witnesses, are placed on separate hosts in the vSAN cluster, where each … [Read more...]

vSphere HA heartbeat datastores, the isolation address and vSAN

Advertise here with BSAI’ve written about vSAN and vSphere HA various times, but I don’t think this has been explicitly called out before. Cormac and I were doing some tests this week and noticed something. When we were looking at results I realized I described it in my HA book a long time ago, but it is so … [Read more...]

Free e-book: VMware vSphere 6.5 Host Deep Dive

The VMware vSphere 6.5 Host Resources Deep Dive is a guide to building consistent high-performing ESXi hosts. A book that people can’t put down. Written for administrators, architects, consultants, aspiring VCDX-es and people eager to learn more about the elements that control the behavior of CPU, memory, storage and … [Read more...]

Have you read the vSphere Host Resources Deepdive book yet?

Advertise here with BSAWell if you haven’t read (or bought) the vSphere Host Resources Deepdive book yet then this may be worth your time. Rubrik and VMUG are giving away FREE ebook copies to everyone who simply registers. I just registered and got myself a nice PDF copy of the book. For those who haven’t … [Read more...]

Free vSphere 6.5 Host Resources Deep Dive E-Book

In June of this year, Niels and I published the vSphere 6.5 Host Resources Deep Dive, and the community was buzzing. Twitter exploded, and many community members provided rave reviews. This excitement caught Rubriks attention, and they decided to support the community by giving away 2000 free copies of the printed … [Read more...]

Network Ports in Horizon 7

The VMware Horizon 7 Network Ports document lists port requirements for connectivity between the various components and servers in a Horizon 7 deployment. Included are detailed Horizon 7 Network Ports diagrams. Links from the thumbnail diagrams take you to larger PDF layouts of the diagrams that are high resolution … [Read more...]

Bug in Palo Alto PANOS 8.0.4 prevents OSPF peering with Cisco Nexus

One of my customers had an issue with exchange of OSPF information between a Palo Alto firewall and Cisco Nexus switch. While OSPF worked fine for about a week since the OSPF relation was made, after a new network link was made we saw issues with OSPF exchange. The Cisco switch reported ‘bad sequence number’ and … [Read more...]

vSphere and iSCSI storage best practices

Advertise here with BSAAnd here’s the next paper I updated. This time it is the iSCSI storage best practices for vSphere. It seems that we have now overhauled most of the core storage white papers. You can find them all under core storage on, but for your convenience I will post the iSCSI … [Read more...]

Clarifying vRealize Suite licensing

Recently I did some research on licensing of VMware’s vRealize and vCloud Suite. For those who don’t know, vRealize Suite is a suite of VMware products that provide a cloud management platform (CMP). In this article I will dive into the vRealize Suite, and discuss licensing options for the suite and add-on … [Read more...]