Upgrading vSphere Replication to version 5.8

According to the vSphere Replication version 5.8 release notes, you cannot upgrade vSphere Replication from version 5.5.x or 5.6 to version 5.8 by using the vSphere Update Manager or the VMware Update Repository from the VAMI of the vSphere Replication Appliance. To upgrade your vSphere Replication Appliance to version … [Read more...]

Database workload characteristics and their impact on storage architecture design – part 1

Frequently PernixData FVP is used to accelerate databases. Databases are for many a black box solution. Sure we all know they consume resources like there is no tomorrow, but can we make some general statements about database resource consumption from a storage technology perspective? I asked Bala Narasimhan, our … [Read more...]

There is still time to register: PQR IT Galaxy 2014

The post There is still time to register: PQR IT Galaxy 2014 appeared first on viktorious.nl - Virtualization & Cloud Management. On October 1st, the 6th edition of IT-Galaxy will take place in Spant! in Bussum, The Netherlands. IT Galaxy is PQR's knowledge event which focusses on Tomorrow's Datacenter & … [Read more...]

The OSV alpha release is now available

OSv reduces the memory and cpu overhead imposed by a traditional OS. Scheduling is lightweight, the application and the kernel cooperate, and memory pools are shared. OSv provides unparalleled short latencies and constant predictable performance, which translates directly to capex savings by reducing the size and … [Read more...]

@CloudByteInc’s multi-tenancy enables vMotion-like storage flexibility

Back in November, I attended Storage Field 4, and CloudByte was one of the vendors presenting. I had put CloudByte on my to-do list item to cover them in a blog post as their message of multi-tenancy and QoS grabbed my attention, and I wanted to dive into their product and cover their technical solution. After months … [Read more...]

Latest Fling from VMware Labs – PowerActions for vSphere Web Client

PowerActions integrates the vSphere Web Client and PowerCLI to provide complex automation solutions from within the standard vSphere management client. PowerActions is deployed as a plugin for the vSphere Web Client and will allow you to execute PowerCLI commands and scripts in a vSphere Web Client integrated … [Read more...]

VMware EVO:RAIL demos

I just bumped in to a bunch of new VMware EVO:RAIL demos which I wanted to share. Especially the third demo which shows how EVO:RAIL scales out by a couple of simple clicks. General overview: Customer Testimonial: Clustering appliances: Management experience: Configuration experience: x "VMware EVO:RAIL demos" … [Read more...]

VMware EVO:RAIL demo

<span id="XinhaEditingPostion"></span> VMware EVO: RAIL combines compute, networking, and storage resources into a hyper-converged infrastructure appliance to create a simple, easy to deploy, all-in-one solution offered by VMware qualified partners.Technical White Paper for … [Read more...]

NSX Design Guide v2.1

IT organizations have gained significant benefits as a direct result of server virtualization. Server consolidation reduced physical complexity, increased operational efficiency, and the ability to dynamically re-purpose underlying resources to quickly and optimally meet the needs of increasingly dynamic business … [Read more...]

VeeamOn, man ;-P

  During Storage Field Day 5 we got a little intro […] … [Read more...]