vCloud Hybrid Service Demo: Overview & Integration w/ vCloud Connector & vCloud Automation Center

<span id="XinhaEditingPostion"></span>Get an overview of the vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS) UI and how to configure, monitor, edit and provision a Virtual Data Center. Includes how vCHS is integrated with other VMware tools including vCloud Connector and vCloud Automation Center. … [Read more...]

Network connection lost after vCSA restore

Today we encountered a strange error after restoring a vCenter Server Appliance (vCSA) in our vCloud Director environment. You would expect that a restore of a virtual machine would return it to its original state at the time of the back-up.  As it turns out this is not the case when restoring a vCenter Server … [Read more...]

PernixData feature announcements during Storage Field Day

During Storage Field Day today PernixData announced a whole bunch of features that they are working on and will be released in the near future. In my opinion there were four major features announced: Support for NFS Network Compression Distributed Fault Tolerant Memory Topology Awareness Lets go over these one by … [Read more...]

PernixData announced NFS support and adds RAM to FVP

Satyam Vaghani, CTO of PernixData just announced a whole bunch of new features in their FVP product at Storage Field Day 5. With the FVP software, companies can accelerate any virtualized application using server RAM and/or flash, making it ideal for deployment in any server environment.  In addition, FVP can be … [Read more...]

Update the vCenter inventory in vCAC manually

When creating a new template in vCenter and want to use the new created template in a blueprint, the blueprint will not list the template because the vCenter inventory isn’t updated in vCAC. By default vCAC will update the vCenter inventory once a day. To manually update the vCenter inventory in vCAC 6.x use the … [Read more...]

New Way to Learn Puppet – Download the Learning VM

The Learning VM now includes fun quests to help you learn Puppet at your own pace. The new and improved Learning VM — along with its companion Quest Guide — is here to help you level up on Puppet. Explore the technology in depth with a series of detailed, multi-step quests. Master topics such as accessing the … [Read more...]

Nakivo backup & replication v4.0 released

Today Nakivo announced the release of their fourth version for backup & replication. Nakivo backup & replication is build for handeling virtual infrastructures and is certified by VMware. The product works agentless and is meant for both onsite and offsite backup of virtual machines. The new version of backup … [Read more...]

VMware OpenSSL patches available

Quite a few VMware solutions are affected by the OpenSSL security vulnerabilities VMware has now updates available for those solutions. See links here.     … [Read more...]

VMware vSphere 5.5 Update 1 NFS disconnects

A new issue has been discovered with vSphere 5.5 Update 1 that is related to loss of connection of NFS based datastores. The result is an All Paths Down (APD) of the NFS datastores meaning that vSphere loses connection to the virtual machine files and/or the virtual machines will not be able to do any IO to the … [Read more...]

Heartbleed Security Bug fixes for VMware

It seems to be patch Saturday as today a whole bunch of updates of products were released. All of these updates relate to the heartbleed security bug fix. There is no point in listing every single product as I assume you all know the VMware download page by now, but I do want to link the most commonly used for your … [Read more...]