Upgrade to vCenter Server 7.0U2 fails at stage 2: “The source disk ‘/’ is too small to fit the export requirements”

Today a short post on a VMware Knowledge Base article that was published recently. It’s about a failure to upgrade your vCenter Server to 7.0 update 2. The upgrade fails with the message: “Insufficient space on the source export partition ‘/’ to accomodate all the data for upgrade data option … [Read more...]

How do I change the name of a vSwitch with vSphere 7.0 U2 and higher?

Some of you may have noticed it already, and some may not, but a lot of the configuration details that were traditionally stored in “esx.conf” have now moved elsewhere. The question is where did it go? Well it went into “configstore” and with “configstore” now also comes a … [Read more...]

Auto deploy – host register error

Not many are using Auto Deploy with stateless hosts, but I’m a big fan of it. Though sometimes I’m pulling my hair trying to figure out why stuff isn’t working since there is also very little documentation and experiences from others. Recently we ran into an issue that after upgrading vCenter … [Read more...]

CPU pinning is not an exclusive right to a CPU core!

People who configure CPU Affinity deserve a special place in hell.. pic.twitter.com/wIIZ0dHDRw— Katarina Brookfield (@MrsBrookfield) June 10, 2021 Katerina tweeted a very expressive tweet about her love/hate (mostly hate) relation with CPU pinning, and lately I have been in conversations with customers … [Read more...]

VMware vSphere DRS Dump Insight User Guide

The DRS Dump Insight web app takes existing drmdump log files (each drmdump log file contains the actions proposed and taken by DRS within a certain time or file size) and provides a summary of the DRS run, along with changes in host resource consumption in a plain text format. With this tool, you can answer questions … [Read more...]

Which vSAN Maintenance Mode option was used on a host?

Last week there was a question on VMTN around maintenance mode, this customer wanted to find out which vSAN Maintenance Mode option was used while the host was placed in maintenance mode. The person who placed the host into maintenance wasn’t around, and I guess the customer wanted to know if data was moved from … [Read more...]

VMware: Kritieke kwetsbaarheid in VMware vCenter-server actief aangevallen

Aanvallers maken actief misbruik van een kritieke kwetsbaarheid in VMware vCenter Server en VMware Cloud Foundation waardoor het mogelijk is om kwetsbare systemen op afstand over te nemen. Op 25 mei kwam VMware met beveiligingsupdates, maar er zijn nog altijd ongepatchte servers. Die zijn een aantrekkelijk doelwit voor … [Read more...]

Issue adding tags to the vCLS VMs with vCenter Server 7.0 U2b

Today I was talking to one of our field folks and he asked if there was an issue with Tags in combination with vCLS VMs in 7.0 U2b specifically. I had tested assigning tags to vCLS VMs before, and it worked just fine. With 7.0 U2b unfortunately this has stopped working. The error you will see displayed in the vSphere … [Read more...]

Performance Study – Understanding Clones in VMware vSphere 7

VMware vSphere offers three different types of clones including full clone, linked clone, and instant clone. In this paper, VMware evaluates clone performance with a variety of workloads and discuss the provisioning rates of the different clone types. In addition, this paper provides some tips and tricks to … [Read more...]

Can I make a host in a cluster the vSphere HA primary / master host?

There was an interesting question on the VMware VMTN Community this week, although I wrote about this in 2016 I figured I would do a short write-up again as the procedure changed since 7.0u1. The question was if it was possible to make a particular host in a cluster the vSphere HA primary (or master as it was called … [Read more...]