The SDBB (Software Defined Bla Bla)

Last week i was in San Francisco for VMworld 2013. Love […] … [Read more...]

NimbusData at VMworld 2013 in SFO

During the next days I’ll blog about some of the vendors I’ll be visiting during the VMworld 2013 in San Francisco. Most of them will be storage related as this is one of the things that interests me the most I’ll start this vendor visit list with NimbusData which can be found in Booth 723 […] … [Read more...]

The Nutanix Platform Professional certificate

Never heard of Nutanix??? It’s time to get out from under your rock and look at the product that’s changing the Datacenter. I first heard about Nutanix while listening in on the Techfieldday 8 session in 2011 and later at Storage Field Day 2 in San Jose (CA) I was very impressed with the capabilties … [Read more...]

You CAN be a SFD4 delegate

During Storage Field Day 3 Stephen Foskett (the man behind GestaltIT and the Tech Field Days) asked the delegates the question how we’d become the IT-pro’s we are today and how we became Storage Field Day Delegates. When you look at the video you’ll notice all delegates began their IT careers at the … [Read more...]

Storage Field Day 3 awesomeness

Tomorrow will be the start of Storage Field Day 3 in Denver. I had a great flight here and we landed in a winter wonderland . Storage Field 3 promises to be a great event (once again) with great companies presenting: And even a secret company coming out of slealth… So make sure you’ll tune […] … [Read more...]

PHD’s road to the Cloud!

A few months ago I reviewed the 6.0 version backup tool from PHD Virtual. A couple of months later I wrote a post on what’s new in version 6.1 . PHD has introduced their next major update 6.2 and I finally had the chance to review this new major update.   The installation The thing […] … [Read more...]

Deep Security 9 Part 3: The Deep Security Manager

In part 1 we installed the VMware vShield part which is needed to get Trend Micro Deep Security up and running. In part 2 we created a database instance that will be used by the Deep Security Manager (DSM). In this part we’ll focus on the installation of the DSM itself. The DSM is the […] … [Read more...]

The VMware vExpert 2013 nomination

Today VMware (John Troyer) opened the VMware vExpert 2013 application program. As a vExpert 2012 I know how awesome it is to be in this awesome group of people. I’ll quote John for what the vExpert title is all about: Each year, we bring together in the vExpert Program the people who have made some […] … [Read more...]

Deep Security 9 Part 2: The Database

Yesterday in the first part of this blog series on installing Trend Micro Deep Security 9 we installed the VMware vShield Manager as well as the vShield Endpoint on the hosts in our environment. The last prerequisite is the setup of the database for the DSM. This Database can be an Microsoft SQL or Oracle […] … [Read more...]

Deep Security 9 Part 1: Installing the vShield Manager and Endpoint

Installing Deep Security is not that hard. In this post I’ll walk you through the first step of getting Deep Security up and running in your virtual environment. The installation of vShield Manager. In order to get Trend Micro Deep Security running a couple of prerequisites need to be in place. The prerequisites … [Read more...]