VCOPS: Automatic dashboard switching

There was a nice question on the VCOPS forum today about having a big screen and rotating through custom dashboards automatically. Custom dashboards is a 'Advanced/Enterprise' feature, and I think you cannot live without them. You can make them switch to other dashboards automatically. Click 'Dashboards -> Reorder … [Read more...]

Log Insight: GA now (1.0.4)

Just learned through Twitter Log Insight is GA now version 1.0.4. Check out the full details on the VMware Product page.    Scalable I've been running the beta for some time now and I like this product a lot. Not only it is very easy to analyze your ESX(i) hosts logs, you can also analyze syslog messages … [Read more...]

VCOPS: 5.7.1 fix for VIN (blacklist)

In the release notes for VCOPS 5.7.1 one of the fixed issues for VIN is: "vCenter Infrastructure Navigator adapter discovers too many resourcesThe vCenter Infrastructure Navigator adapter was configured to discover and calculate resources related to obscure open TCP ports. This configuration increased the load on … [Read more...]

VCOPS: Group your dashboards

I don't know how long this feature has been in the product, however I couldn't find any documentation around it. You can group your dashboards by naming the tab: [group]/[name]. Here is an example: This will result in a nice overview for your dashboards. Nifty huh? … [Read more...]

VCOPS: UI session timeout

By default your session times out from the UI (both the vsphere ui as the custom ui) after 30 minutes of inactivity. This can be annoying when you're running a big screen display showing your favorite widgets. Quite a lot of articles excists around this so more than enough resources can be found including an official … [Read more...]

VCOPS: Show all scheduled reports

The ability to schedule reports in VCOPS is quite cool. Taken from capacity IQ these reports can be run weekly or monthly on a specific time and day of week allowing you to show the report as CSV (to process inside a spreadsheet) or as a readable PDF document. Once SMTP is configured you're able to send the report to … [Read more...]

VCOPS: GA version 5.7.0 and Horizon View Adapter 1.5.0

I'm quite excited. Just found on the VMware website that VCOPS for Horizon View is GA. Together with this release there is also a new version for VCOPS -> 5.7.0. One of the cool things with this release is the .pak file usage. No longer you'll need an additional Windows instance (or multiple when having multiple … [Read more...]

VCOPS: Super Metrics, get them right!

Using Super Metrics in VCOPS is quite common and well documented. There are also nice blog posts ( and When creating a report or a dashboard, I like to show the metric in percentage. Percentage is … [Read more...]

VCOPS: Cannot import LDAP users

When trying to import users from LDAP I'm getting: One or more users already exist and haven't been imported. This issue isn't new and in fact there are multiple blog post can be found (like Zsoldier's Tech Blog) and there is a good KB (2017641). However, the KB notes a point 5: delete from uistate where … [Read more...]

VCOPS: Failed to get RMI connection

I'm in the process of re-registering my vCenter servers to VCOPS (with another username). Once in a while I have this error message: Unable to connect to vCenter Server. Details: Failed to get RMI connection. Ensure that vcops service is running and retry the operation. Registration failed for VC : ( vCenter Server … [Read more...]