uMU, my Raspberry Pi vSphere monitor

Yesterday I tweeted a picture showing off my Raspberry Pi with bi coloured LEDs (Red and Green). I've always wanted something to put on my desk, with LEDs, checking vCenters and/or ESX(i) hosts. After experimenting with the Arduino, I knew this system would be a stand alone application (requiring something like an … [Read more...]

Script: cluster ready time

Last week I got back from holiday, had a wonderful time in France with great weather. Anyway, we're looking into changing one pool with virtual desktops from one vCPU to two vCPUs. Looking a CPU load on every host in the cluster should allow that, but we are very curious what the ready time would be. Ready time is a VM … [Read more...]

View PowerCLI – Get-Pool

I'm writing a Powershell script on getting info from a View environment. One thing I noticed was the amount of time the 'Get-Pool' commandlet takes to finish when using '-pool_id'. Now I know the commandlets are not very well written (it is sooo 1980s to run the commands from a broker), but take a look … [Read more...]

Little tip: how to fill blade chassis

This is just a very little tip for today: fill your blade chassis vertical, instead of horizontal. Here is a little illustration: On the left we fill a chassis from left to right, top to bottom. On the right we fill the chassis from top to bottom, left to right and for full height blades, we start filling from the … [Read more...]

vSphere UMDS with Synology

No sorry, there is no plug-in for Synology to download patches (would be cool though - anyone?). However, I've been fiddling around with vSphere UMDS and wanted to have the patches downloaded to my Synology NAS box. And through the Synology webservices act as a patch store - AND IT WORKS :-). Setup is quite easy, … [Read more...]

Put freesco onto virtual ext2 hdd

Triggered by @esloof his post on Freesco 0.4.3, I wanted to create such router into a VM, but for version 0.4.4. I also wanted to move it to a virtual disk so I could make an OVF and do multiple deploys. While trying to get this to work after a few hours, I finally found a really fast and reliable method to do it … [Read more...]

EST, VST, VMT on Procurve 1810G Switch

I was rebuilding my homelab and wanted to create 'sites' using vlans. I am using the HP Procurve 1810G-24 switch (cheap, works great) but I had to fiddle some things out and I got it now. I know other sites have nice tutorials, but this is a quick recap from me. Setup I have three vlans right now. Default (1), lab1 … [Read more...]

removevmhba script obsolete

Hi all. Today (17-4-2012) William Lam provided a method to prevent HBA drivers to be loaded during installation and upgrades. This makes the removevmhba script obsolete. Since I got asked quite often wetter this would be possible for ESXi, I couldn't answer. However, check out this post, since that would be the current … [Read more...]

Chargeback challenge

I got a question from @repping yesterday which got me thinking. His question was: "Do you know a good site where I can find memory prices for enterprise hardware.". Later it became clear he wanted to use that price to calculate chargeback for memory. He wanted to know the amount/GB. My fist reaction was: well, looking … [Read more...]

vSphere 5 Memory Management and Monitoring diagram

Mr. @esloof did a nice tweet about this one and caught my attention. It's a very nice diagram in pdf format showing the memory management for vSphere 5. The thing I like best is the way it is set up: screenshot from esxtop, vSphere client and very clear mapping of virtual memory into physical memory. I'm printing … [Read more...]