Can’t enable AMD ReLive VR during install of Radeon Pro Software?

Advertise here with BSA Yesterday I bumped into an issue where I wanted to enable AMD ReLive VR but the option didn’t show in the configuration window strangely enough. I remembered that the first time I installed the Radeon Pro Software for Enterprise I had an option to enable AMD ReLive VR during the process, … [Read more...]

Enabling maintenance mode via esxcli

Advertise here with BSA I have been having to place my lab host into maintenance mode a few times now via the command-line, for whatever reason I just keep forgetting the command that I should use to place my host into maintenance mode using esxcli, so I figured I would dump it here so I can find it easily. Hopefully, … [Read more...]

AMD Radeon settings window transparent in a VM?

Advertise here with BSA I have been playing with VR technology for the past month. The last couple of weeks my focus has been to install/configure a VM which streams the VR app over wifi to a headset. I ran into a problem with ALVR last week as documented here, but I also ran into an issue with the AMD Radeon software … [Read more...]

Seeing green only on your HMD when using ALVR to stream an app?

Advertise here with BSA I have been testing various things as part of the Take 3 I started not too long ago. While I was setting up my environment I ran into a few issues. One of those issues was something very strange. Just so people understand what I am testing, I have an Oculus Quest headset to which I want to … [Read more...]

vSAN Deep Dive Book Promotion! Price paper copy dropped by 50% and ebook as low as 0.99 USD!

Advertise here with BSA Amazon allows publishers to create book promotions and I just created one for the vSAN 6.7 U1 Deep Dive ebook. The promotion starts on the 24th of December and will end on the 31st of December. The ebook promotion will be available only on and, as that is where Amazon … [Read more...]

Can I still provision VMs when a vSAN Stretched Cluster site has failed? Part II

Advertise here with BSA 3 years ago I wrote the following post: Can I still provision VMs when a VSAN Stretched Cluster site has failed? Last week I received a question on this subject, and although officially I am not supposed to work on vSAN in the upcoming three months I figured I could test this in the evening … [Read more...]

VR and AR, what is it good for besides gaming? (Take 3 learnings)

Advertise here with BSA I first got introduced to Virtual Reality (VR) in the 90’s. Back then it was all about gaming of course. Even today though the perception is that it is mainly about gaming, and to be honest that was also my perception. When I spoke with Alan Renouf the first time about the project he was … [Read more...]

Taking a break with VMware Take-3

Advertise here with BSA Over the past 6 years, my focus has very much been VMware vSAN. I started focussing on vSAN when we internally started working on Project Marvin in 2012, or EVO:RAIL as it was officially called, which then became Dell EMC VxRail. After a brief stop in the corporate Office of CTO I then joined … [Read more...]

NET::ERR_CERT_REVOKED driving you nuts after upgrading to OSX Catalina?

Advertise here with BSA NET::ERR_CERT_REVOKED driving you nuts after upgrading to OSX Catalina? Well it is driving me nuts for sure. I just found out that if you hit the NET::ERR_CERT_REVOKED error while accessing a page, in Chrome, you can simply continue clicking in the Chrome window and by typing the following: … [Read more...]

Part 2: Is VSA the future of Software Defined Storage? (Customer use case)

Advertise here with BSA About 6.5 years ago I wrote this blog post around the future of Software-Defined Storage and if the VSA (virtual storage appliance) is the future for it. Last week at VMworld a customer reminded me of this article. Not because they read the article and pointed me back at it, but because they … [Read more...]