Introducing vSphere+ and vSAN+

VMware just announced vSphere+ and vSAN+ today. I was reading up on the offering and personally was very intrigued about it. I have to be fair, at first I was under the impression that vSphere+ and vSAN+ was only about subscription-based licensing, but it is not, it is much more than that. If you like to head more … [Read more...]

Nested Fault Domains on a 2-Node vSAN Stretched Cluster, is it supported?

I spotted a question this week on VMTN, the question was fairly basic, are nested fault domains supported on a 2-node vSAN Stretched Cluster? It sounds basic, but unfortunately, it is not documented anywhere, probably because stretched 2-node configurations are not very common. For those who don’t know, with a … [Read more...]

Unexplored Territory 018: Not just artificially intelligent featuring Mazhar Memon

In this week’s Unexplored Territory Podcast we have Mazhar Memon as a guest. We mainly talk about why Mazhar co-founded Bitfusion, what VMware’s strategy is for AI/ML workloads, and what we can expect from Project Radium in the future. Warning, this episode is DEEP! Listen to the full Unexplored Territory … [Read more...]

Unexplored Territory 017 – A day in the life of a CTO with Joe Baguley

In this week’s Unexplored Territory Podcast we VMware’s CTO Joe Baguley as a guest. We talk about various topics like how Joe became the CTO of VMware, what the McLaren announcement means, why Joe is passionate about ESG, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, and much much more. Listen to the full … [Read more...]

VMUG Advantage Homelab Group Buy Discount offer 2022!

Yes, here we go again, the VMUG Advantage Homelab Group Buy Discount offer is available again! I’ve had multiple folks asking throughout the year if I had a code, and unfortunately I don’t have codes to distribute, but I do know that if you fill out this survey, you will get access to a code. The minimum … [Read more...]

Where do I download the vSAN File Service OVA?

Last few weeks I had this question at least three times, surprisingly as I thought it wasn’t too difficult to find. The question was if my vCenter Server has no connection to the internet, where do I download the vSAN File Service OVA file that I can use to setup vSAN File Service manually? The UI provides the … [Read more...]

Unexplored Territory 16: Google Cloud VMware Engine featuring Wade Holmes!

In this week’s Unexplored Territory Podcast we have our long time friend Dr. Wade Holmes as a guest. We’ve bumped into Wade a few times over the past couple of years, first at a VCDX defense where Wade became the first VCDX certified person outside of VMware. Of course Wade also worked at VMware for years, … [Read more...]

New book: VMware vSAN 7.0 U3 Deep Dive

Yes, we’ve mentioned it a few times already on Twitter that we were working on it, but today Cormac and I are proud to announce that the VMware vSAN 7.0 U3 Deep Dive is available via Amazon on both ebook as well as paper! We had the pleasure of working with Pete Koehler again as a technical editor, the foreword … [Read more...]

Unexplored Territory #014 – Using ML accelerators efficiently with Justin Murray

This was one fun episode. I just love talking to people about things that are relatively new to me, and AI/ML definitely is a relatively new topic for me. Justin Murray is VMware’s Tech Marketing guru on this topic and he had some great knowledge to share with us. On top of that, Justin just has a great way of … [Read more...]

Unexplored Territory #013 – Exploring VMware Cloud on AWS with Adrian Roberts!

In episode 013 we talk to Adrian Roberts, Head of EMEA Solution Architecture for VMware Cloud on AWS at AWS. Adrian discusses the various reasons customers are looking to utilize VMware Cloud on AWS, discusses some of the challenges, and of course the opportunities that arise when you have your VMware workloads close … [Read more...]