Increase Storage IO Control logging level

I received this question today around how to increase the Storage IO Control logging level. I knew either Frank or I wrote about this in the past but I couldn’t find it… which made sense as it was actually documented in our book. I figured I would dump the blurp in to an article so that everyone who needs … [Read more...]

Limit a VM from an IOps perspective

Last couple of weeks I heard people either asking questions around how tot limit a VM from an IOps perspective or making comments that Storage IO Control (SIOC) allows you to limit VMs. As I pointed at least three folks to this info I figured I would share it publicly. There is an IOps limit setting on the virtual disk … [Read more...]

RE: Is VSA the future of Software Defined Storage? (OpenIO)

I was reading this article on the HP blog about the future of Software Defined Storage and how the VSA fits perfectly. Although I agree that a VSA (virtual storage appliance) could potentially be a Software Defined Storage solution I do not really agree with IDC quote used for the basis of this article and on top of … [Read more...]

Install and configure Virsto

Last week I was in Palo Alto and I had a discussion about Virsto. Based on that discussion I figured it was time to setup Virsto in my Lab. I am not going to go in to much details around what Virsto is or does as I already did that in this article around the time VMware acquired Virsto. On top of that there is an … [Read more...]

vOpenData – feed up!

A couple of weeks ago I asked this question on twitter about what the average disk size of a virtual machine is these days. Within a couple of minutes Ben Thomas replied and said we might be able to create a survey script and he copied William Lam in. Now for those who never worked with William, if you ask him a … [Read more...]

Guaranteeing availability through admission control, chip in!

I have been having these discussions with our engineering teams for the last year around guaranteed restarts of virtual machines in a cluster. In the current shape / form we use Admission Control to guarantee virtual machines are restarted. Today Admission Control is all about guaranteeing virtual machine restarts by … [Read more...]

Tintri releases version 2.0 – Replication added!

I have never made it a secret that I am a fan of Tintri. I just love their view on storage systems and the way they decided to solve specific problems. When I was in Palo Alto last month I had the opportunity to talk to the folks of Tintri again and what they were working on. Of course we had a discussion about the … [Read more...]

Software Defined Storage; just some random thoughts

I have been reading many articles over the last weeks on Software Defined Storage and wrote an article on this topic a couple of weeks ago. While reading up one thing that stood out was that every single storage/flash vendor out there  has jumped on the bandwagon and (ab)uses this term where ever and when ever … [Read more...]

vCenter Federation Survey

One of our product managers asked me if I could share this survey with the world. The topic is vCenter Federation and APIs. It literally takes a couple of minutes to fill out. Your help / input is greatly appreciated, so please if you have those two minutes to spare at the end of the day, then take the … [Read more...]

Automating vCloud Director Resiliency whitepaper released

About a year ago I wrote a whitepaper about vCloud Director resiliency, or better said I developed a disaster recovery solution for vCloud Director. This solution allows you to fail-over vCloud Director workloads between sites in the case of a failure. Immediately after it was published various projects started to … [Read more...]