vCloud ecosystem announcements at VMware Partner Exchange

It is has been a while since I wrote anything about vCloud Director itself… Primarily because I have been focused on other things within the vCloud Suite the last couple of months. This week various partners of VMware announced new products at VMware Partner Exchange 2013 (By the way, 2014 is scheduled to be held … [Read more...]

How to disable Datastore Heartbeating

I have had this question multiple times now, how do I disable datastore heartbeating? Personally, I don’t know why you would ever want to do this… but as multiple people have asked I figured I would write it down. There is no “disable” button unfortunately, but there is a work-around. Below are … [Read more...]

VMware View Infrastructure Resiliency whitepaper published

One of the white papers I worked on in 2012 when I was part of Technical Marketing was just published. This white paper is about VMware View infrastructure resiliency. It is a common question from customers, and now with this white paper you can explore the different options and understand the impact of these options. … [Read more...]

Introducing startup PernixData – Out of stealth!

There are many startups out there that do something with storage these days. To be honest, many of them do the same thing and at times I wonder why on earth everyone focuses on the same segment and tries to attack it with the same product / feature set. One of the golden rules for any startup should be that you have a … [Read more...]