How to license Windows 8 in a VMware Horizon View deployment

It is a common misunderstanding that, if you buy software licenses you can do anything with it. You will not become the owner of it, you only get the use right of the software under STRICT CONDITIONS. What you may or may not do with Microsoft software is recorded to the smallest details by Microsoft […] Leave A … [Read more...]

VMware vCenter Server 5.1 fails after demoting Windows Domain Controller

Last week a colleague of ours was tied up in troubleshooting a VMware environment with a vCenter Server. It  failed authenticating through LDAP with the Windows Domain. He was demoting two old domain controllers from the Windows domain which became obsolete after creating new virtual machines to replace the old … [Read more...]

Why visit VMworld 2013?

For 10 years VMworld has been the source for the knowledge and connections you need to leverage virtualization and cloud computing technologies in your business. You can try out several new or improved solutions through the Hands-On-Labs (HOL) get deeper insights through great breakout sessions and of course meet … [Read more...]

New free tool Snapshot Explorer added to Foglight for Virtualization toolkit

Snapshot Explorer completes Dell’s Free Utility Toolbox for Virtual Machine Administrators. Detect all snapshots, including orphaned snapshots, to avoid problems with performance and capacity with this 6th utility which got added today! Foglight for Virtualization was formerly know under the name vOPS Server Explorer … [Read more...]

Using Serial Ports in a VMware Environment

While pursuing the 100% virtual mark you once in a while run into trouble with legacy hardware where there is hardware directly attached to the physical server you are going to virtualize. If it is USB equipment you can use USB Anywhere devices to make it happen, but if it is serial port connected equipment [...] Leave … [Read more...]

How to improve VMware View video performance – Part 2

During a performance optimizing session this week, with a customer, we found some interesting things to boost specific parts of the environment. While playing a high resolution video with clipping where the whole screen turns black and shows a new screen a split second later. When we started, we saw the video bump and … [Read more...]