VMware vSphere 7 with NVIDIA AI Enterprise Time-sliced vGPU vs MIG vGPU: Choosing the Right vGPU Profile for Your Workload

NVIDIA vGPU allows vSphere to share NVIDIA GPUs among multiple VMs by using either the timesliced vGPU profile or the MIG-with-vGPU profile (we will call this MIG vGPU throughout this paper). These two vGPU modes provide a flexible choice on how GPUs are shared to best leverage the GPU resource. With two options … [Read more...]

New Book – Kubernetes for vSphere Administrators

vSphere has been the de-facto data centre infrastructure platform of choice for the past decade. In recent years, a new platform has emerged - Kubernetes. But even Kubernetes benefits by running on vSphere. VMware has embraced Kubernetes and has their own Tanzu branded distributions available, which have been … [Read more...]

Demo showing Cross vCenter vMotion between on-prem and VMware Cloud on AWS

Cross vCenter vMotion capability. The demo shows the two migration workflows, performing a workload migration from an on-prem vSphere infrastructure to a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC while the workload remains 'live' and pingable! More info and demos here: vmc.techzone.vmware.com … [Read more...]

Watch Now – VMware NSX Legacy Load Balancing is Going Away – Migrate to Avi

VMware will be sunsetting the NSX native load balancers. Customers should be migrating to the currently supported NSX Advanced Load Balancer (Avi) which simplifies operations today while getting you ready for your multi-cloud and container strategies tomorrow. Avi works across all environments beyond the NSX … [Read more...]

VMware Labs has released a new Fling – vSphere Diagnostic Tool

vSphere Diagnostic Tool is a python script that runs diagnostic commands on the vCenter Server Photon Appliance to return useful troubleshooting data while running within the confines of the local environment with out upstream dependencies. I've created some sample output: 2022-06-23T08:32:02 INFO Vdt: Today: … [Read more...]

Webinar – vSphere 7 Best Practices

This webinar is for VMware customers and partners, who sell, use, deploy, configure, and manage vSphere systems on a daily basis, and are interested to hear and learn about new features and best practices of using the rich feature set of VMware vSphere 7.X. In this session you will learn about the latest features and … [Read more...]

Book – Implementing VMware Dynamic Environment Manager

Implementing VMware Dynamic Environment Manager is the definitive guide to installing and managing end-user desktop environments using the VMware Dynamic Environment Manager solution and tools. To begin with, you will be able to explore what environment management is, and why you need it in your business … [Read more...]

New Book – VMware vSAN 7.0 U3 Deep Dive

VMware’s vSAN has rapidly proven itself in environments ranging from hospitals to oil rigs to e-commerce platforms and is the top player in the hyperconverged space. Along the way, it has matured to offer unsurpassed features for data integrity, availability, space efficiency, stretched clustering, and cloud native … [Read more...]

vRealize Automation for Dummies Guide

vRealize Automation For Dummies, VMware Special Edition, helps you understand how you can simplify your cloud experience with vRealize Automation. This handy guide consists of eight chapters to help you navigate network automation in your organization. The chapters cover the following: »  The need for … [Read more...]

Free e-book – Declarative Cloud Infrastructure Management with Terraform

Terraform is a well-known and widely used tool to manage infrastructure as code. As a tool that’s extremely simple to use and requires minimal code experience, Terraform supports developers and organizations in streamlining cloud infrastructure management without changing their cloud providers or resources – only … [Read more...]