Free e-book – Next-Gen Virtualization For Dummies

Get the latest edition of Next-Gen Virtualization for Dummies and discover how to get the most from your IT infrastructure with a fully virtualized and modernized data center. In this eBook, you will find out the answers to: What are the key characteristics of a modern, virtualized data center? Which … [Read more...]

Free e-book – Micro-segmentation for Dummies Guide, 2nd Edition

Traditional appliance-based approaches to securing internal traffic create complexity due to hair pinning architectures. This reduces developer agility in deploying distributed applications and leads to security compromises. Micro-segmentation delivers an agile, least privilege security model that is foundational to … [Read more...]

New Book – vRealize Network Insight Cookbook

If you are affiliated with networking, security, and virtual infrastructure troubleshooting and monitoring, you're going to like this book. If you're driven crazy by the time it takes to overlay multiple tools to get the information needed to troubleshoot an issue in your environment, you're going to love this … [Read more...]

Bridging between GNS3 and NSX-T

This article describes how to simulate VLAN ID's in your home lab without the need for a physical switch and how to create a bridge between a VLAN in GNS3 and a segment in NSX-T. GNS3 is a great free product that's able to simulate routers and switches. This simulation is done by hosting the original … [Read more...]

Configure Route Aggregation on NSX-T 3.0

In this article, I'll explain how to configure route aggregation on a T0-GW router. Let's look at the set-up first. I have two segments connected to my T0-GW router. One segment has IP address and the other segment is configured with IP address Both networks are advertised with BGP to a … [Read more...]

BGP Neighbor Adjacency between GNS3 and NSX-T 3.0

This article describes how to hook-up a Cisco c3745 router hosted on GNS3 to a T0 router hosted on NSX-T 3.0 and create a BGP Neighbor Adjacency between them. In my home lab, I'm running GNS 3 on an iMac. There is a special component available that allows you to connect the GNS3 world to the physical world. This … [Read more...]

How to force delete an NSX-T 3 Segment

I experienced some trouble trying to delete a segment with the NSX-T Policy UI. There was an error message complaining about a virtual machine that was still attached to the segment. I verified this message by going into vCenter and checking all the virtual machines and I was sure there were no virtual machines … [Read more...]

Admission control based on percentage only works when VM’s are configured with reservations

When you have created a cluster and enable HA the default percentage for the Performance degradation VMs tolerate is 100%. I think this is a bit weird because why do you want to disable a warning when there is insufficient failover capacity to guarantee the same performance after VMs restart on the remaining hosts … [Read more...]

Adding a Local NSX-T Manager to a Global Manager

You can add locations to the Global Manager after you have installed the Global Manager. You can add up to three locations to a Global Manager. After you add a location to the Global Manager, the NSX Manager is called a Local Manager. On the NSX Manager appliance, run the get certificate api thumbprint command to … [Read more...]

Edge Tunnels Down when hosting NSX-T on the same DVS

When you're using a DVS for your NSX-T overlay transport zone, you have to think about where your edges will be connected to the overlay network. If the edge is attached to a distributed port group created on the same DVS in the same VLAN, it doesn't work. In the picture, we can see that both tunnel endpoints … [Read more...]