BGP Neighbor Adjacency between GNS3 and NSX-T 3.0

This article describes how to hook-up a Cisco c3745 router hosted on GNS3 to a T0 router hosted on NSX-T 3.0 and create a BGP Neighbor Adjacency between them. In my home lab, I'm running GNS 3 on an iMac. There is a special component available that allows you to connect the GNS3 world to the physical world. This … [Read more...]

How to force delete an NSX-T 3 Segment

I experienced some trouble trying to delete a segment with the NSX-T Policy UI. There was an error message complaining about a virtual machine that was still attached to the segment. I verified this message by going into vCenter and checking all the virtual machines and I was sure there were no virtual machines … [Read more...]

Admission control based on percentage only works when VM’s are configured with reservations

When you have created a cluster and enable HA the default percentage for the Performance degradation VMs tolerate is 100%. I think this is a bit weird because why do you want to disable a warning when there is insufficient failover capacity to guarantee the same performance after VMs restart on the remaining hosts … [Read more...]

Adding a Local NSX-T Manager to a Global Manager

You can add locations to the Global Manager after you have installed the Global Manager. You can add up to three locations to a Global Manager. After you add a location to the Global Manager, the NSX Manager is called a Local Manager. On the NSX Manager appliance, run the get certificate api thumbprint command to … [Read more...]

Edge Tunnels Down when hosting NSX-T on the same DVS

When you're using a DVS for your NSX-T overlay transport zone, you have to think about where your edges will be connected to the overlay network. If the edge is attached to a distributed port group created on the same DVS in the same VLAN, it doesn't work. In the picture, we can see that both tunnel endpoints … [Read more...]

NSX-T on a VDS

One of the coolest features of NSX-T 3.0 is the possibility to host NSX-T of a distributed switch instead of an N-VDS. Especially when the amount of network adapters is limited, it allows you to create segments managed by NSX-T alongside distributed port groups and other kernel ports groups.   Your ESXi … [Read more...]

Failed to install NSX-T 3.0 on host

I was trying to apply a profile to my nested production cluster when I noticed the installation of the NSX kernel modules stalled at 18%. The ESXi hosts were configured with 8 GB of RAM but I also enabled vSAN of the cluster. After reconfiguring the hosts with 16 GB of memory and hitting the resolve button the … [Read more...]

What’s New in vRealize Orchestrator 8.1

See what’s new in vRealize Automation 8.1 including git branch support, additional scripting languages, enhanced debugging capabilities and the return of tree view. … [Read more...]

Video – Krisp | Noise Cancelling App

Mute background noise in any communication app. Use the following link to download this tool  - it really helps with noise reduction while you are on a call (zoom, slack, discord, skype, etc).  If you use my link, you will get a bonus. … [Read more...]

Customizing NSX-T Manager Web-UI session timeout

If you want to change the default session time-out of the NSX-T manager web interface, you have to ssh into the appliance and login as admin.  You can use the following command to change the default value: set service http session-timeout <minutes> Set it 0 for an unlimited time-out. Disable … [Read more...]