New Technical White Paper – VMware View 5 Infrastructure Resiliency with Site Recovery Manager

VMware View offers a personalized, device-neutral, end-user computing experience with increased security and control. It enables agile desktop solutions that quickly meet changing business needs and proactively protect against planned and unplanned downtime. This case study provides insight and … [Read more...]

Free e-learning course – Virtualizing Microsoft SharePoint with VMware vSphere 5

This self paced course discusses why organizations need to consider virtualization of Microsoft SharePoint. This course focuses on the SharePoint design prerequisites and general guidelines for designing, sizing, and implementing SharePoint on vSphere. The course consists of three modules: Introduction to … [Read more...]

New Technical White Paper – Best Practices for Running VMware vSphere on Network-Attached Storage (NAS)

The significant presence of network-attached storage (NAS) in the datacenter today has enabled many people to deploy virtualization environments with NAS-based shared storage resources. For clarity, both Network File Systems (NFS) and NAS refer to the same type of storage protocol and are used interchangeably … [Read more...]

New Book Coming Soon – VMware vCloud Architecture Toolkit (vCAT): Technical and Operational Guidance for Cloud Success

The vCloud Architecture Toolkit (vCAT) brings together validated VMware designs, tools, and best practices for architecting, implementing, operating, and using vCloud-based Infrastructure as a Service solutions. Developed by VMware’s own cloud architects, vCAT has already helped hundreds of VMware customers succeed … [Read more...]

Latest Fling from VMware Labs – Makyo

Makyo lets you copy virtual machines and vApps from one vCenter Server to another using a wizard in the vSphere Web Client. The said copy operation from one vCenter Server to another is done by starting an OVF export operation on the source server and an import OVF operation on the target server. No intermediate files … [Read more...]

Free e-learning course – VMware vShield Edge Fundamentals

This free eLearning course demonstrates how to install VMware vShield Edge and how to configure vShield Edge to provide common gateway services such as DHCP, NAT, VPN, firewall and load balancing. After completing the course, you should be able to:  Discuss the common deployments of vShield Edge Install … [Read more...]

SX-3000GB – Gigabit Ethernet USB Device Server

Network your USB devices over Gigabit Ethernet! With the SX-3000GB, silex technology is introducing the next generation of USB device servers. Network your USB devices with even more data throughput and higher compatibility. 2 USB ports are available. Using a USB hub up to 15 simultaneous USB connections are … [Read more...]

Video – My VMware vSphere HA Deepdive session at the London VMUG

This session was recorded at the London VMUG, it consists of two modules. The first module will point out what happens when people are configuring a VMware vSphere cluster with HA without specifying a slot size.  The second module will show what happens when a host becomes isolated in an VMware vSphere HA cluster … [Read more...]

Free e-learning course – Virtualizing Microsoft SQL Server with VMware vSphere 5

This self paced course facilitates the avoidance of the pitfalls commonly encountered when experienced VMware vSphere professionals cross the chasm of Tier-1 SQL Server virtualization. The course consists of five modules: Introduction to SQL Server Database Virtualization discusses virtualization trends. This … [Read more...]