How to Disable VMware Plugins in vCenter Server

Vulnerabilities in plugins that ship with vCenter Server have been disclosed by VMware. These vulnerabilities and their impact on VMware products are documented in the following VMware Security Advisories (VMSAs): CVE-2021-21972 - VMSA-2021-0002 (vRealize Operations Manager Plugin) CVE-2021-21985 - VMSA-2021-0010 … [Read more...]

New Book – The VDI Design Guide Part II

Based on the design methodology from the first book, you will learn how to design complex and unusual use cases such as data science on VDI, EUC-based virtual reality, VDI by Day / Compute by Night, and gaming. (YES, GAMING!) Every section includes awesome contributions from industry legends such as Brian Madden, … [Read more...]

Using SaltStack Config to Restore a Hacked Web Server

In this video I’m deploying a virtual machine with Cloud Assembly. After the deployment is finished, I’m using SaltStack to install and configure a webserver on this new Minion. Once the webserver is started, I’m running a pipeline in CodeStream that will hack the website. SaltStack is able to detect the hack with a … [Read more...]

vRealize Automation – First Class Disk (FCD)

A first class disk (FCD) provides storage life-cycle management on virtual disks as a disk-as-a service or as EBS-like disk storage that allows you to create and manage disks independently of vSphere virtual machines. A first class disk has its own life-cycle management capabilities that operate … [Read more...]

Configure GitLab as an ABX repository

This article describes how to configure GitLab and Action Based Extensibility Inside Cloud Assembly. The first thing to do is go to infrastructure integrations and configure GitLab Integration by specifying the URL to your GitLab server (private or public) and use the generated api token from you GitLab … [Read more...]

vRealize Automation 8 Network Profile Type: Outbound

An on-demand network with outbound access requires an external subnet that has outbound access. The external subnet is used to provide outbound access if requested in the cloud template - it does not control network placement. For example, the external subnet does not affect the placing of a private network. Select … [Read more...]

VMware vSphere Snapshots: Performance and Best Practices

In this technical paper, we discuss the VMware vSphere VM snapshot operation and its impact on the performance of guest applications and how it affects other VM provisioning operations. VMware's study explores these performance aspects in VMFS, vSAN, and vVOL environments with a variety of workloads and provides … [Read more...]

VMware vSphere DRS Dump Insight User Guide

The DRS Dump Insight web app takes existing drmdump log files (each drmdump log file contains the actions proposed and taken by DRS within a certain time or file size) and provides a summary of the DRS run, along with changes in host resource consumption in a plain text format. With this tool, you can answer questions … [Read more...]

Performance Study – Understanding Clones in VMware vSphere 7

VMware vSphere offers three different types of clones including full clone, linked clone, and instant clone. In this paper, VMware evaluates clone performance with a variety of workloads and discuss the provisioning rates of the different clone types. In addition, this paper provides some tips and tricks to … [Read more...]

Who joins me at this new training course: VMware vRealize Automation: Advanced Features and Troubleshooting

This is a five-day course that is a follow-on to the VMware vRealize Automation Install, Configure, Manage course. In this course, you go deeper into using the advanced features of vRealize Automation to deploy user systems and interface vRealize Automation with other platforms. The course covers deploying … [Read more...]