What’s Your Favorite Tech Novel?

Today I was discussing with Duncan some great books to read. Disconnecting fully from work is difficult for me, so typically, the books I read are tech-related. I have read some brilliant books that I want to share with you, but mostly I want to hear your recommendations for other excellent tech … [Read more...]

New whitepaper available on vSphere 7 DRS Load Balancing

vSphere 7 contains the new DRS algorithm that differs tremendously from the old one. The performance team has put the new algorithm through the test and have published a whitepaper presenting their findings. Read the white paper: Load Balancing Performance of DRS in vSphere 7.0. The post New whitepaper … [Read more...]

vSphere 7 DRS Scalable Shares Deep Dive

You are one tickbox away from completely overhauling the way you look at resource pools. Yes you can still use them as folders (sigh), but with the newly introduced Scalable Shares option in vSphere 7 you can turn resource pools into more or less Quality of Service classes. Sounds interesting right? Let’s first … [Read more...]

vSphere 7 vMotion with Attached Remote Device

A lot of cool new features fly under the radar during a major release announcement. Even the new DRS algorithm didn’t get much air time. One thing that I discovered this week, is that vSphere 7 allows for vMotion with an attached remote device attached. When using the VM Remote Console, you can attach ISOs … [Read more...]

DRS Migration Threshold in vSphere 7

DRS in vSphere 7 is equipped with a new algorithm. The old algorithm measured the load of each host in the cluster and tried to keep the difference in workload within a specific range. And that range, the target host load standard deviation, was tuned via the migration threshold.   The new algorithm is … [Read more...]

vSphere Supervisor Namespace

vSphere 7 with Kubernetes enables the vSphere cluster to run and manage containers as native constructs (vSphere Pods). The previous two articles in this series cover the initial placement of a vSphere pod and compute resource management of individual vSphere pods. This article covers the compute resource management … [Read more...]

Scheduling vSphere Pods

The previous article “Initial Placement of a vSphere Pod,” covered the internal construction of a vSphere Pod to show that it is a combination of a tailor-made VM construct and a group of containers. Both the Kubernetes and vSphere platforms contain a rich set of resource management controls, policies, and … [Read more...]

Deep Learning Technology Stack Overview for the vAdmin – Part 1

Introduction We are amid the AI “gold rush.” More organizations are looking to incorporate any form of machine learning (ML) or deep learning in their services to enhance customer experience, drive efficiencies in their processes or improve quality of life (healthcare, transportation, smart … [Read more...]

Initial Placement of a vSphere Native Pod

Project Pacific transforms vSphere into a unified application platform. This new platform runs both virtual machine and Linux containers as native workload constructs. Just introducing Linux containers as a new workload object is not enough. To manage containers properly, you need a legitimate orchestrator. And on top … [Read more...]

Multi-GPU and Distributed Deep Learning

More enterprises are incorporating machine learning (ML) into their operations, products, and services. Similar to other workloads, a hybrid-cloud model strategy is used for ML development and deployment. A common strategy is using the excellent toolset and training data offered by public cloud ML services for generic … [Read more...]