Project Monterey and the need for Network Cycles Offload for ML Workloads.

VMworld has started, and that means a lot of new announcements. One of the most significant projects VMware is working on is project Monterey. Project Monterey allows the use of SmartNICS, also known as Data Processing Units, of various VMware partners within the vSphere platform. Today we use the CPU inside the ESXi … [Read more...]

Machine Learning Infrastructure from a vSphere Infrastructure Perspective

For the last 18 months, I’ve been focusing on machine learning, especially how customers can successfully deploy machine learning infrastructure on vSphere infrastructure. This space is exciting as it has so many great angles to explore. Besides the model training, a lot of stuff happens with the data. Data is … [Read more...]

CPU pinning is not an exclusive right to a CPU core!

People who configure CPU Affinity deserve a special place in hell..— Katarina Brookfield (@MrsBrookfield) June 10, 2021 Katerina tweeted a very expressive tweet about her love/hate (mostly hate) relation with CPU pinning, and lately I have been in conversations with customers … [Read more...]

VM Service – Help Developers by Aligning Their Kubernetes Nodes to the Physical Infrastructure

The vSphere 7.0 U2a update released on April 27th introduces the new VM service and VM operator. Hidden away in what seems to be a trivial update is a collection of all-new functionalities. Myles Gray has written an extensive article about the new features. I want to highlight the zoom into the administrative controls … [Read more...]

vSphere with Tanzu vCenter Server Network Configuration Overview

I noticed quite a few network-related queries about the install of vSphere with Tanzu together with vCenter Server Networks (Distributed Switch and HA-Proxy). The whole install process can be a little overwhelming when it’s your first time dealing with Kubernetes and load-balancing services. Before installing … [Read more...]

What’s Your Favorite Tech Novel?

Today I was discussing with Duncan some great books to read. Disconnecting fully from work is difficult for me, so typically, the books I read are tech-related. I have read some brilliant books that I want to share with you, but mostly I want to hear your recommendations for other excellent tech … [Read more...]

New whitepaper available on vSphere 7 DRS Load Balancing

vSphere 7 contains the new DRS algorithm that differs tremendously from the old one. The performance team has put the new algorithm through the test and have published a whitepaper presenting their findings. Read the white paper: Load Balancing Performance of DRS in vSphere 7.0. The post New whitepaper … [Read more...]

vSphere 7 DRS Scalable Shares Deep Dive

You are one tickbox away from completely overhauling the way you look at resource pools. Yes you can still use them as folders (sigh), but with the newly introduced Scalable Shares option in vSphere 7 you can turn resource pools into more or less Quality of Service classes. Sounds interesting right? Let’s first … [Read more...]

vSphere 7 vMotion with Attached Remote Device

A lot of cool new features fly under the radar during a major release announcement. Even the new DRS algorithm didn’t get much air time. One thing that I discovered this week, is that vSphere 7 allows for vMotion with an attached remote device attached. When using the VM Remote Console, you can attach ISOs … [Read more...]

DRS Migration Threshold in vSphere 7

DRS in vSphere 7 is equipped with a new algorithm. The old algorithm measured the load of each host in the cluster and tried to keep the difference in workload within a specific range. And that range, the target host load standard deviation, was tuned via the migration threshold.   The new algorithm is … [Read more...]