PernixData Flash Virtualization Platform will revolutionize virtual infrastructure ecosystem design

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to attend a tech preview of PernixData Flash Virtualization Platform (FVP). Today PernixData exited stealth mode so we can finally talk about FVP. Duncan already posted a lengthy article about PernixData and FVP and I recommend you to read it. At this moment a lot of … [Read more...]

Voting for the 2013 top virtualization blogs – A year in review

When Eric Siebert opens up the voting for the top VMware & virtualization blogs you know another (blogging) year has passed. First of all I want to thank Eric for organizing this year in year out. I know he spends an awful lot of time on this. Thanks Eric! Its amazing to see that there are more than 200 blogs … [Read more...]

Implicit anti-affinity rules and DRS placement behavior

Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with a colleague about affinity rules and if DRS reviews the complete state of the cluster and affinity rules when placing a virtual machine. The following scenario was used to illustrate to question: The following affinity rules are defined: 1. VM1 and VM2 must stay on the … [Read more...]

HA Percentage based admission control from a resource management perspective – Part 1

HA admission control is quite challenging to understand as it interacts with multiple layers of resource management. In the upcoming series of articles I want to focus on the HA Percentage based admission control and how it interacts with vCenter and Host management. Let’s cover the basis first before diving into … [Read more...]