VM backup fails due to quiescing failure

Some time ago we where at a customer and ran into a problem backing up virtual machines using vss and snapshots. First I’ll explain the situation we got into. This customer has offices geographically spread. Currently the customer is in the middle of a datacenter consolidation process. The organization is … [Read more...]

VMware Update Manager and Scratch Partition

A couple of weeks ago I came across a similar problem as in my previous post with update manager, this was a different problem however: I took another shot at examining the logfiles of vCenter Update Manager on the vCenter Server aiming at confirming the issue with the metadata at “C:\ProgramData\VMware\VMware Update … [Read more...]

Scan failed with vCenter Update Manager

Some time ago I was at a customer who planned to rollout some patches using VMware vCenter Update Manager on ESXi hosts. First scan went OK, but stage and remediate complained about not able to reach the download location. Next I ran down a simple checklist. Does the host (or all) have [...] … [Read more...]

VMware vCenter Orchestrator classes coming to EMEA

The coming months VMware Education Services will start to offer a training covering VMware vCenter orchestrator called “VMware vCenter Orchestrator: Develop Workflows [V4.1]” in EMEA. This hands-on training course explores the use of VMware vCenter Orchestrator for the automation of IT processes, both physical and … [Read more...]