ControlUp 8.1 Monitor Cluster

ControlUp version 8.1 is released with two new major features: Monitor Cluster. This new cluster model adds support for monitoring more VDI endpoints per site. VMware Horizon integration.  ControlUp has now native integration with VMware Horizon environments. In this part of the blog post, I explain the basics of the … [Read more...]

VMware Tools PVSCSI and VMXNET3 drivers delivered by Windows Update

Today I was updating a Windows Server 2016 template VM with Windows Updates. During the update, I notice that the PVSCSI and VMXNET3 drivers are updated by the Windows Updates process. In 10.3.10 of VMware Tools, the VMXNET3 and PVSCSI driver available through Windows Update for Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server … [Read more...]

Export VMware Horizon pool settings

I created a simple PowerShell script that exports all the pool settings on a Horizon Connection Server and saves them in a separate JSON file. To run this script follow the requirements below: Download the script from my GitHub page. Edit the ‘Export-HorPool.ps1’ script and enter the correct file location … [Read more...]

“Logon As Current User” and the “AD domain list” options default disabled after a VMware Horizon upgrade

When upgrading a VMware Horizon Connection server to version 7.8 or higher the following message appears during the upgrade. This means the following settings are disabled after the upgrade: Login As Current User will no longer work when selecting the “Log in as current user” in the Horizon Client List of … [Read more...]

Quick tip: Determine the VMware Horizon Agent options for a silent/unattended installation

When performing a silent/unattended installation of the Horizon Agent client you must specify MSI properties and Horizon Agent options to define what to install. When a new version of the Horizon Agent comes available the documentation is not always available yet or up to date. When using a silent install of the VMware … [Read more...]

Boot error: Shutting down firmware services… error after upgrading to VMware ESXi 6.7 Update 3

After upgrading one of my home lab servers to VMware ESXi 6.7 Update 3, I’ve got the following error when trying to boot: Shutting down firmware services… Page allocation error: Out of resources Failed to shutdown the boot services. Unrecoverable error After changing the boot mode from UEFI to … [Read more...]

VMware Tools installation and upgrade tips and tricks

The VMware Tools package provides drivers (such as VMXNET3, PVSCSI, SVGA etc.) and services that enhance the performance of virtual machines and make several vSphere features easy to use. Here are some tips and tricks when working with VMware Tools: An overview of the VMware Tools versions mapping can be found here, … [Read more...]

Runecast Analyzer makes hardware checking against the VMware HCL easy

Runecast Analyzer is a tool that helps VMware administrators to proactive manage there vSphere environment. It discovers potential risks in the VMware environment before they can cause a major outage. It uses best practices, security hardening guides (VMware, DISA STIG, PCI-DSS v3.2.1 and HIPAA) and known issues found … [Read more...]

PowerCLI installation, updating and troubleshooting tips

PowerCLI is a must have tool for every VMware Administrator when you want to automate something in your VMware environment. In this blog I highlight the installation, updating and some troubleshooting tips for deploying and running PowerCLI on Windows OSes. PowerCLI installation Uninstall PowerCLI 6.x and earlier from … [Read more...]

Using the new Shuttle SH370R8 as home lab server with VMware ESXi

In January 2019 I did a review of the Shuttle SH370R6 (link) using VMware ESXi. A couple of weeks ago the new Shuttle SH370R8 is released. The main differences between the Shuttle SH370R6 and SH370R8 are: Ready for the 8th/9th Gen Intel Coffee Lake processors Dual Intel Gigabit Ethernet An extra fan in front of the … [Read more...]