Nakivo Backup and Replication v10 released with support for vSphere 7

Nakivo Backup and Replication released last week version 10. I personally use Nakivo Backup and Replication in my lab environment because it can be installed on my NAS device. This saves me hardware resources of the backup VM (appliance or Windows/Linux) and the deployment is super fast. In version 10 of Nakivo Backup … [Read more...]

Quick Tip: Disable memory warnings on VMs with NVIDIA GPU profiles

When using PCI passthrough devices such as for example NVIDIA GPUs with VMware vSphere and configure the VMs with a GPU profile, the full memory is reserved (100% Memory Active). When the VM is active, a red “Virtual Machine memory usage” alarm is displayed in the vCenter for every VM. I see this behavior … [Read more...]

Problems with installing modules from the PowerShell Gallery

Lately, on several Windows Server 2016 servers, I wanted to install a PowerShell module such as VMware PowerCLI.  When trying to install the module  I’ve got the following error: NuGet provider is required to continue PowerShellGet requires NuGet provider version ‘’ or newer to interact with … [Read more...]

NVMe SSDs are not recognized anymore after upgrading to VMware ESXi 7

Last week VMware released vSphere 7. The first thing I did was upgrading my homelab. My homelab has two  hosts (Shuttle SH370R6 Plus and a Shuttle SH370R8 Plus). After upgrading my hosts from VMware ESXi 6.7 Update 3 to VMware ESXi 7, the NVMe SSDs are not recognized anymore. I Have the following NVMe SSD disks in the … [Read more...]

Check the hardware acceleration settings in you’re VDI environment

When having for example Windows 10 VDIs it important to know the hardware acceleration setting of you’re applications. When there isn’t a GPU (such as NVIDIA M10 or a NVIDIA Tesla T4) installed and hardware acceleration is enabled in the application this can introduce strange problems such as black screens … [Read more...]

What’s new in VMware vSphere 7

vSphere 7 is built for supporting modern applications and the hybrid cloud. In the coming years, enterprises will build more and more applications using cloud-native tools and methods. There is a lot more complexity in deploying and managing modern applications. vSphere 7 with Kubernetes (formerly known as Project … [Read more...]

VMware homelab build of materials and configuration

William Lam has started a great initiative. William asked (link) everyone who owns a homelab to share there build of materials (BOM) and configuration so the vCommunity can benefit and learn from. I have a simple homelab configuration. Here an overview of the materials I used and configuration: Internet Cable modem in … [Read more...]

ControlUp 8.1 Native VMware Horizon integration

In part 2 we highlight the native support for VMware Horizon 7 and higher environments in ControlUp 8.1. The integration is based on the SOAP API. Adding a VMware Horizon environment is easy, click on the Add EUC environment and enter the name a Horizon Connection Server and click ‘OK’. ControlUp discovers … [Read more...]

ControlUp 8.1 Monitor Cluster

Today ControlUp version 8.1 is released with two new major features: Monitor Cluster. This new cluster model adds support for monitoring more VDI endpoints per site. VMware Horizon integration.  ControlUp has now native integration with VMware Horizon environments. In this part of the blog post, I explain the basics … [Read more...]

VMware Tools pvscsi and vmxnet3 drivers delivered by Windows Update

Today I was updating a Windows Server 2016 template VM with Windows Updates. During the update, I notice that the pvscsi and vmxnet3 drivers are updated by the Windows Updates process. In 10.3.10 of VMware Tools, the pvscsi and vmxnet3 drivers available through Windows Update for Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server … [Read more...]