VMware Tools error 2711

For a new Windows 10 image build I use the latest supported VMware Tools¬† In this case that is VMware Tools 12.0.0. VMware Tools is deployed using an unattended installation such as: e:setup64.exe /S /v “/qb REBOOT=R ADDLOCAL=All … [Read more...]


Software overview Software Version Release Date Link VMware Horizon Client for Windows 2203 2022-04-05 Download Product Windows OS Optimization Tool for Horizon 2203 2022-04-05 VMware Customer Connect VMware Horizon 8 2203 2022-04-05 VMware Customer Connect VMwae App Volumes 4 2203 (4.6) 2022-04-05 VMware … [Read more...]

Optimize the Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) golden image automatically

For Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) there is an Optimization Tool available called Virtual Desktop Optimization Tool (VDOT). With this tool/script you optimize the following categories within an Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD): Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app cleanup Optional Features cleanup Local policy … [Read more...]

Get the highest concurrent license usage from a VMware Horizon environment

In some managed VMware Horizon environments, I wanted to know the highest concurrent users per month. This information can be found in the Horizon Administrator Console under Settings – Product Licensing and Usage – Usage. VMware PowerCLI supports access to the View API to automate this. To automate … [Read more...]

Packer has now virtual TPM (vTPM) device support

In an earlier blogpost called “Use Packer to install Windows 11 and enable vTPM and VBS” I highlighted a workaround for adding a virtual TPM (vTPM) device to a VM in a VMware vSphere environment. A vTPM device is needed for running Windows 11 (without using registry hacks to bypass the TPM device … [Read more...]

Identify the boot device for a VMware ESXi host

With vSphere 7¬† VMware is moving away from supporting SD cards and USB as boot media. ESXi Boot configuration with only SD card or USB drive, without any persistent device, is deprecated with vSphere 7 Update 3. In future vSphere releases, it will be an unsupported configuration! Move from SD cards and USB devices to … [Read more...]

Create a Site-to-Site VPN to Microsoft Azure

I have a Visual Studio Enterprise subscription in Azure. I use this subscription for testing new Azure stuff. From my on-premises environment, I want to create a Site-To-Site (S2S) VPN connection to Microsoft Azure. I have a physical Ubiquiti Edge Router in my on-premises environment. When searching the internet I … [Read more...]

Use Packer to install Windows 11 and enable vTPM and VBS

I use Packer for building images for VMware VDI environments. With the latest version (when writing this blog Packer version 1.7.7 is the latest version) it is not possible to configure a TPM in the Hashicorp Configuration Languag (HCL) config file. TPM 2.0 is required to install Windows 11. A vTPM emulates a physical … [Read more...]

Install Windows 11 on VMware vSphere with a virtual TPM

Yesterday I wrote a blog called “Install Windows 11 as VM on VMware vSphere / Workstation without TPM 2.0 chipset“. In this blog article, I explained how to install Windows 11 without having a TPM 2.0 chipset by using a registry hack. Paul Braren from tinkertry.com created a cool video (link) about … [Read more...]

Install Windows 11 as VM in VMware vSphere / Workstation without TPM 2.0

Yesterday Windows 11 is officially released. Windows 11. Windows 11 has the following requirements: Processor: 1 GHZ or faster RAM: 4 GB Storage: 64 GB System firmware: UEFI, Secure Boot capable TPM: 2.0 Windows 11 requirements, link My VMware ESXi servers at home don’t have a TPM 2.0 chip. During the … [Read more...]