ForEach vs Select-Object -ExpandProperty

Quite often I see scripts which use a ForEach loop to expand an array in an array and display that as a list. There is nothing wrong with that, however, another method is using 'Select-Object' with the 'ExpandProperty' option. To illustrate, here is an example: ' I want to have a list with cluster and their datastores, … [Read more...]

Tricking the VM BIOS RTC to set a time

Remember this one?  You can select the VM BIOS RTC clock to a certain time!!! And that is cool because this is still 'supported' - or at least it's working! It took me some searching and some blog and forum posts are 12 years old!  All you need to do is edit your VM's configuration and add the … [Read more...]

NLVMUG: Here I come!

Tomorrow (21-3-2019) a new NLVMUG event is starting. And I'm going!!! I'm really looking forward to this event: so many great sessions, great presenters, great sponsors and not so great venue (I think parking would get troublesome, however, there is a bus driving from a parking lot). I've been building my … [Read more...]

Solving PSOD ‘Panic Requested by another PCPU’

I've been hunting down this issue for one of my clients. They have brand new Dell T440 servers (I've also seen this issue on brand new DELL T640 servers). Great gear - however, after running for a couple of weeks we got this PSOD on one of the servers. This PSOD is not good (in general: PSOD's never are, haha). As this … [Read more...]

Troubleshooting disk latency (cont.)

So yesterday we left off after changing the power setting in the BIOS. Now after a day, I've got results, and they are promising!!! Let's start with some CPU metric comparison. … [Read more...]

Troubleshooting disk latency

I was asked to troubleshoot a VM. SCOM was reporting the following message: "Logical disk transfer (reads and writes) latency is too high - The threshold for the Logical DiskAvg.". Also, jobs (this is a SQL server) took longer to run (almost twice a long). Now, this seems like an issue with disk I/O: the path … [Read more...]

Blogging again

That's it! I'm starting blogging again. The reason? ​That's easy - yet another year has passed by without blogging. Triggered by all those great messages from the community on Linked In, Twitter and various websites tagged: #vExpert. Don't get me wrong and I must admit: I was a bit jealous and angry. Angry to myself! … [Read more...]