VMware: What’s new in vSphere 5.5

Summary of new features and capabilities available in vSphere 5.5 Doubled Host-Level Configuration Maximums – vSphere 5.5 is capable of hosting any size workload; a fact that is punctuated by the doubling of several host-level configuration maximums.  The maximum number of logical CPUs has doubled from 160 to 320, … [Read more...]

VMware: The number of heartbeat datastores for host is 0

Today I added some vSphere 5.0 u1 hosts in a new created cluster, the SAN will be delivered next week so I didn’t have central storage, to finish my new cluster setup I configured HA and DRS. After configuring HA I received this warning message:   The number of heartbeat datastores for host is 0, […] … [Read more...]

VMware: “vcpPerformance Function” error when upload Capacity Planner .csv files

Today I configured VMware Capacity Planner 2.8 by a customer, after I finished the Collected inventory + Performance data task I started the Synchronize job. The .csv files uploaded successfully but at the end of the job I received this warning messages: ERROR: An unexpected error occurred! Module = vcpPerformance … [Read more...]

VMware: Install Broadcom 5720 network adapter

Today I installed a new Dell PowerEdgde R620 host with vSphere 5.0 update 1. The Intel Ethernet I350 adapter was recognized and installed correct but the Broadcom 5720 wasn’t. I downloaded the latest Broadcom driver CD from VMware and uploaded the extracted content to my local datastore. To install the drivers I used … [Read more...]

VMware: Cannot delete virtual machine from disk with more then 100 active snapshots

Today I tried to delete a virtual machine with more then 100 (damn Backup Exec) snapshots, in the vSphere Client I selected in the inventory:  “Delete from disk”  , few seconds later I received this error message: Cannot complete the operation due to an incorrect request to the server Events directly at the vSphere 5.0 … [Read more...]

VMware: Top VMware and virtualization blogs 2013.. vote now!!

Eric Siebert from vSphere-Land has made (again) a vote page to vote your personal top 10 VMware related blogs. VMpros.nl has ended up last year at place #80 (total 187) in the “Top VMware Bloggers 2012”, we also chosen as number #24 (total 33) "Favorite Independent Blogger" My VMpros top articles over the last … [Read more...]

VMware: Mass change portgroup VM’s in cluster with PowerCLI

Last week I configured for a customer some new VLAN’s and created on each host new vSwitches with new portgroups, to migrate all VM’s in cluster with network label “VM Network” to “Production” I’ve created this script to automate this for all virtual machines with specific network label in cluster: Original situation: … [Read more...]

VMware: Call “FileManager.MakeDirectory” for object “FileManager” on vCenter Server “server.domain.local” failed.

Today I created some new NFS volumes at a NetApp FAS2040, after I configured the datastores in vSphere I couldn’t write files and folders, warning message: Call "FileManager.MakeDirectory" for object "FileManager" on vCenter Server "server.domain.local" failed. Solution: I forgot (stupid me) to … [Read more...]

VMware: vMotion migration socket connected returned: Already disconnected

Today a customer told me that he couldn’t vMotion virtual machines between a few hosts, he received this warning message: Migration to host <<unknown>> failed with error Already disconnected An unknown error has occurred. vMotion migration socket connected returned: Already disconnected   Solution: … [Read more...]

VMware: Configure NetApp NFS datastore(s) Advanced parameters with PowerCLI

The settings that NetApp recommends (across all ESX hosts) are: - NFS.HeartbeatFrequency(NFS.HeartbeatDelta in vSphere) = 12 - NFS.HeartbeatTimeout = 5 (default) - NFS.HeartbeatMaxFailures = 10 When the number of NFS datastores are increased, we also recommend increasing the heap values: - Net.TcpipHeapSize … [Read more...]