Column about Cloud Management on

Recently I've published an article about cloud management which might be interesting for you to read. The article is in Dutch and titled "In Control using Cloud Management". The article discusses the changing IT landscape and the changing role of the IT professional. In the new sceario IT will not only provide you … [Read more...]

Introducing a new lay-out for almost exists for one year. A lot has happened since then; voted #4 as best new blog for 2012, more then 125 articles are published on and both Veeam and Unitrends are supporting this website. Since yesterday is using a new, improved website theme. The frontpage of the … [Read more...]

vCloud Connector Web Interface – EOL

In a previous article I talked about the VMware vCloud Connector. vCloud Connector is a great tool which enables you to move virtual machine workloads from a private cloud to a public cloud and vice versa. With vCloud Connector you can also move workloads from a vSphere environment to a vCloud. It's a bit of a short … [Read more...]

SRM Disaster Recovery: When to transfer or seize Active Directory FSMO roles?

In this article I will discuss the role of Microsoft Active Directory in a multi-site deployment using VMware Site Recovery Manager for disaster recovery services. This article will also explain when to transfer or seize Active Directory FSMO (old name) or Operations Masters (new name) roles in case of a disaster. I … [Read more...]

vCloud backup scenarios – Where we stand today

Lately various backup vendors announced support for backing up virtual machines running in a vCloud Director environment. Also some announcements were made about backing up your virtual machines to cloud based storage like Amazon S3. In this article I will discuss some challenges that come when backing up virtual … [Read more...]

From the department of weird vCD error messages: No host is compatible with the virtual machine

When trying to start a virtual machine in vCloud Director 5.1 I faced the following error: Unable to start vApp "XYZ": null <- This one is really cool ;) vCenter Server task (moref: task-3095) failed in vCenter Server 'XYZ' (VM-ID). No host is compatible with the virtual machine. Fortunately I had … [Read more...]

vCO Workflow: Create a vCD organization (1/2)

With a focus on Cloud Management in my daily job, orchestration in cloud infrastructures shouldn't be an underexposed subject. Orchestration has everything to do with automating repetitive tasks normally performed by a system administrator. Orchestration is not about writing scripts, but more about creating workflows … [Read more...]

Thank you for voting! – #43 blog + #4 new blog

Yesterday Eric Siebert published the results of the 2013 top VMware & Virtualization blog voting. 80 new blogs were launched in 2012. This year there was over 1300 votes compared to around 1200 last year. The full details are available on Eric's site at I want to thank you for voting … [Read more...]

Is high vSphere storage latency always a bad thing? Part II

A while ago I wrote an article on high storage latency. This article discussed the relationship between the amount of latency and IO blocksize used by the OS running in your virtual machine. In this new article I want to discuss a latency message I recently faced in several vSphere 5 environments. The alert is … [Read more...]

vHero interview with Richard Garsthagen

After the publication of the first vHero interview with Scott Herold, my colleague and fellow-blogger Peter van den Bosch published a second vHero interview. A vHero is a person who is using virtualization technology from the beginning and played a prominent role in the emerging community. In this second interview … [Read more...]