An overview of all projects discussed at VMworld 2021

At VMworld 2021, the premier multi-cloud event, a lot of new innovations are discussed. The latest innovations are wrapped into projects. Each project focusses on a future technology, sometimes available as a technology preview. I’ve created an overview of the projects that are discussed at VMworld, including … [Read more...]

News from (pre-)VMworld 2021: Tanzu Community Edition is here!

At DevOpsLoop at VMworld “Tanzu Community Edition” (TCE) was announced. Tanzu Community Edition is a full-featured, easy to manage Kubernetes platform for learners and users. It’s available for free (!) and community supported. You can run Tanzu CE on your local workstation or your cloud of … [Read more...]

Previewing VMworld 2021 with Jeffrey Kusters and Robert Kloosterhuis

With VMworld just around the corner, I had two conversations with Jeffrey Kusters and Robert Kloosterhuis of ITQ. In these ITQonversations I talked with Jeffrey about what to expect form VMworld 2021 in general (in Dutch). With Robert Kloosterhuis we focussed on what to expect on Modernize your Apps with VMware Tanzu … [Read more...]

Previewing VMworld 2021 (it’s registration time)!

With only two weeks to go, it’s now time to register for the 2021 edition of VMworld “Imagine That” on October 5-7. This year there’s again one VMworld event for Americas, EMEA and APJ…and as you would expect, it’s on-line again…and free to attend! During VMworld 2021 you will: … [Read more...]

App Modernization with Tanzu @ VMworld 2021

Are you ready for VMworld 2021? “Image that” is this year’s theme, VMware welcomes you on-line October 5-7 to experience this premier multi-cloud event. Again registration is 100% free, so there are no blockers to register today and pick your favourite sessions in the 2021 content catalog. … [Read more...]

TKGm – Failed to initiate cluster deployment cluster name vktrmgmt matches another management cluster

While I was playing around with TKG MultiCloud (aka “TKGm”) on vSphere I ran into the error “Failed to initiate cluster deployment cluster name vktrsmgmt matches another management cluster”. Although I’ve used the vktrsmgmt during a previous deployment, currently the vktrsmgmt cluster is … [Read more...]

Upgrade to vCenter Server 7.0U2 fails at stage 2: “The source disk ‘/’ is too small to fit the export requirements”

Today a short post on a VMware Knowledge Base article that was published recently. It’s about a failure to upgrade your vCenter Server to 7.0 update 2. The upgrade fails with the message: “Insufficient space on the source export partition ‘/’ to accomodate all the data for upgrade data option … [Read more...]

Build great dashboards with vRealize Operations Cloud – Part 4: Create a rotating overview dashboard with scoreboard and heatmap widgets

Thank you for reading the next part of my series on building great dashboards with vRealize Operations Cloud. In part 1, 2 and 3 of this series we already talked about various aspects of building dashboards in vRealize Operations and/or vRealize Operations Cloud: I’ve introduced the dashboard capability of … [Read more...]

Can you combine Enhanced- and Hybrid Linked Mode?

It’s a pretty straighforward question…can you combine Enhanced Linked Mode (ELM) and Hybrid Linked Mode (HLM)? First a short refresher: Enhanced Linked Mode (ELM) allows you to link multiple vCenter Servers, so you can view and search across all linked vCenter Server systems. You can log in to all linked … [Read more...]

Build great dashboards with vRealize Operations Cloud – Part 3: Use Interactions and understand the Resource Interaction XML file

This is part 3 of my series about building great dashboards with vRealize Operations Cloud (also applicable to vRealize Operations). In this post we will build a first basic dashboard and have a closer look at “Interactions” within a dashboards and also look at a Resource Interaction XML file. Before you … [Read more...]