Build great dashboards with vRealize Operations Cloud – Part 2: Exploring the dashboard canvas, widgets and views

In part 1 of this new series on building great dashboards with vRealize Operations I explained the difference between vRealize Operations and vRealize Operations Cloud. I also provided an overview of the dashboarding capability in vRealize Operations Cloud and I discussed some important questions you should ask … [Read more...]

Build great dashboards with vRealize Operations Cloud – Part 1: introduction

vRealize Operations and vRealize Operations Cloud are both great tools for self-driving IT operations management. vRealize Operations provides you full stack visibility for both private, virtual and cloud infrastructure and includes capabilities for performance & capacity planning and management, alerting, … [Read more...]

NLVMUG speaking engagement: Getting started with K8S on vSphere

Today I presented at the Virtual NLVMUG UserCon 2020. The topic of my presentation was “Getting started with K8S on vSphere in 3..2..1” (Aan de slag met Kubernetes op vSphere in 3..2..1). Goal of this presentation was to get the audience up to speed in deploying & configuring vSphere with Tanzu. vSphere … [Read more...]

A closer look at HCX Mobility Optimized Networking

A while ago I wrote a couple of articles on HCX, VMware’s solution for workload mobility across VMware stacks. I also recorded a couple of lightboards on HCX together with Jeffrey Kusters. Next week I will be talking again about HCX within the context of VMware Cloud on AWS at the Virtual NLVMUG Usercon. The … [Read more...]

Making you more efficient with Kubectl

In previous articles I showed how to setup Kubernetes in vSphere and how to deploy vSphere pods and Tanzu Kubernetes clusters. In this article I’m introducing some tools that will make your more efficient with kubectl, you cockpit to control Kubernetes. In this article my base system is CentOS 8.2, most of the … [Read more...]

Join us for another vPubQuiz – The Sinterklaas edition

Het is weer tijd voor wat fun! Op donderdag 3 december organiseren we een volgende ronde de vPubQuiz – “De Sinterklaas Editie”. VMworld had dit jaar weer een hoop fantastische nieuwe aankondigingen! Weet jij nog wat er allemaal de revue is gepasseerd? Bewijs je kennis en doe mee met onze online … [Read more...]

VMware Cloud Foundation 4.1: Licensing update

Disclaimer: For official information on licensing please contact a VMware partner and/or VMware Account Executive. This article is just to explain the latest updates on VCF licensing. I got various questions about the licensing changes since the release of VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) 4.1. In this article I will … [Read more...]

A first look at Tanzu Basic (part 3): enable workload management

This is the third article in my “a first look at Tanzu Basic” series. First part 1 and part 2 if you’re new to Tanzu Basic. In this article I will walk you through the steps to enable workload management in the vSphere WebClient. In the previous article we’ve succesfully deployed HA proxy, that … [Read more...]

A first look at Tanzu Basic (part 2): network setup and HA Proxy

In part 1 of these series I introduced the Tanzu Basic (vSphere with Kubernetes) offering. In part 2 we will create a setup to deploy Tanzu Basic leveraging the vCenter Server Network option. Before we get started, it’s required to setup the VLANs/portgroups you want to use for Tanzu Basic. There’s a … [Read more...]

A first look at Tanzu Basic (part 1): introduction

Previously I published several articles on “vSphere with Kubernetes”, VMware’s solution to run and manage containers/pods and Kubernetes clusters directly on vSphere. One requirement was that you need VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) to leverage vSphere with Kubernetes. With the release of the new Tanzu … [Read more...]