How to deploy vSphere 7 with Kubernetes on a single not-nested ESXi node

In a previous article I explained how to deploy vSphere with Kubernetes on a nested two node ESXi environment. Because the deployment wizard doesn’t check if you have the required number of ESXi hosts available you can even choose to deploy vSphere with Kubernetes on a single host. William Lam already posted an … [Read more...]

vSphere 7 with Kubernetes – 2 Node Lab Deployment

I was really looking forward to get my hands on vSphere 7 with Kubernetes. Although a minimum of 3 hosts is required in a VCF setup, the vSphere Web Client told me a two node cluster should also suffice…and in the meantime I’ve learned even a one node (lab) deployment is an option. In this article […] … [Read more...]

Join us for our first Dutch vPubQuiz!

Ben jij ook zo enthousiast over VMware technologie en houd je wel van een spelletje? Dan is de on-line vPubquiz echt iets voor jou! In drie rondes (donderdag 7, 14 en 28 mei van 16:00 tot 17:00) testen wij jullie kennis op het gebied van #HCI, #CloudManagement en #VMwareCloud en passeren de nieuwste ontwikkelingen de … [Read more...]

VMware Cloud Foundation / VVD and VMSA-2020-0006 & CVE-2020-3952

Note that this information is intended to provide some pointers in relation to VMSA-2020-0006/CVE-2020-3952 in a VCF or VVD environment. Always take decisions based on the official documentation as published by VMware. If you’re a VMware administrator you probably heard about VMSA-2020-0006/CVE-2020-3952 that … [Read more...]

How to install vRA 8.1 on an ESXi host with less than 12 cores/threads

vRealize Automation (vRA) is part of VMware’s Cloud Management Platform and provides comprehensive automation & orchestration capabilities. vRA is available as on-premises installable and available as a cloud service: vRealize Automation Cloud. The latest version of the on-premises installation of vRA, … [Read more...]

AMD EPYC support in NSX-T 3.0

A lot of customers are looking at (the latest) AMD CPUs in virtualization environments. AMD is doing some interesting things with the EPYC CPUs: the first generation of EPYC CPUs (Naples) provided up to 32 cores, while the second generation EPYC CPUs (Rome) are now available with up to 64 cores per CPU. Although AMD … [Read more...]

A closer look at HCX on VMConAWS (Part 4): Disaster Recovery

This is my last article in my series of articles on HCX. To learn more, feel free to read my previous posts: Part 1 – A closer look at HCX on VMConAWS: Introduction Part 2 – A closer look at HCX on VMConAWS: Extending networks Part 3 – A closer look at HCX on VMConAWS: […] … [Read more...]

Enabling and using sensor metrics in vRealize Operations

I recently deployed version 8 of vRealize Operations in my homelab. My homelab server is based on the SuperMicro X10SDV motherboard, that contains a Xeon D-1518 CPU. This SuperMicro motherboard offers some out of the band management options, and also provides sensor data on how the system is running: The sensor data … [Read more...]

Weekly Virtual vCommunity NL Meeting

Last week, at the day that the NLVMUG UserCon 2020 originally would take place, we’ve organised a first Virtual vCommunity NL. With a group of 7 people it was good to learn how everybody was doing, where people are working on and how vCommunity members are managing the current situation. “Let’s do … [Read more...]

NLVMUG vBeers PubQuiz 2020 – March 18th

This article is targeted at the Dutch NLVMUG UserCon/Pubquiz and is written in Dutch. Tijdens de 2020 editie zullen we op de avond voorafgaand aan de NLVMUG UserCon een PubQuiz organiseren: de NLVMUG vBeers PubQuiz 2020! The PubQuiz vindt plaats op 18 maart, van 19:30-22:30. In de NLVMUG UserCon PubQuiz kun je als team … [Read more...]