Virtually Speaking Podcast – vSAN Customer Use Cases

Advertise here with BSAAs John Nicholson was traveling in and around New Zealand I was asked by Pete if I could co-host the Virtually Speaking Podcast again. It is always entertaining to join, Pete is such a natural when it comes to these things. I euuh, well I do my best to keep up with him :). Below you can find the … [Read more...]

Two host stretched vSAN cluster with Standard license?

Advertise here with BSAI was asked today if it was possible to create a 2 host stretched cluster using a vSAN Standard license or a ROBO Standard license. First of all, from a licensing point of view the EULA states you are allowed to do this with a Standard license: A Cluster containing exactly two Servers, commonly … [Read more...]

Disk controllers for vSAN with or without cache?

Advertise here with BSAI got this question today and I thought I already wrote something on the topic, but as I cannot find anything I figured I would write up something quick. The question was if a disk controller for vSAN should have cache or not? It is a fair question as many disk controllers these days come with … [Read more...]

Benchmarking an HCI solution with legacy tools

Advertise here with BSAI was driving back home from Germany on the autobahn this week when thinking about 5-6 conversations I have had the past couple of weeks about performance tests for HCI systems. (Hence the pic on the rightside being very appropriate ;-)) What stood out during these conversations is that many … [Read more...]

600GB write buffer limit for VSAN?

Advertise here with BSAI get this question on a regular basis and it has been explained many many times, I figured I would dedicate a blog to it. Now, Cormac has written a very lengthy blog on the topic and I am not going to repeat it, I will simply point you to the math he has provided around it. I do however want to … [Read more...]

Can I still provision VMs when a VSAN Stretched Cluster site has failed?

Advertise here with BSAA question was asked internally if you can still provision VMs when a site has failed in a VSAN stretched cluster environment. In a regular VSAN environment when you don’t have sufficient fault domains you cannot provision new VMs, unless you explicitly enable Force Provisioning, which most … [Read more...]

Rebuilding failed disk in VSAN versus legacy storage

Advertise here with BSAThis is one of those questions that comes up every now and then, I have written about this before, but it never hurts to repeat some of it. The comment I got was around rebuild time of failed drives in VSAN, surely it takes longer than with a “legacy” storage system. The answer of … [Read more...]

Disable VSAN site locality in low latency stretched cluster

Advertise here with BSAThis week I was talking to a customer in Germany who had deployed a VSAN stretched cluster within a building. As it was all within a building (extremely low latency) and they preferred to have a very simple operational model they decided not to implement any type of VM/Host rules. By default when … [Read more...]

Jumbo Frames and VSAN Stretched Cluster configurations

Advertise here with BSAI received a question last week from a customer who had implemented a stretched VSAN cluster. The Health Check after the implementation indicated that there was an “issue” with the MTU configuration. The customer had explained that he had configured an MTU of 9000 between the two data … [Read more...]

VSAN VROps Management Pack version 6.0.3 available

Advertise here with BSAOn the 15th the VROps Management Pack for VSAN 6.0.3 was released. If you have VROps Standard or higher you can take advantage of this management pack. It is supported for the latest release of VSAN, 6.1, as of this management pack officially. Very useful to find out if there are any anomalies … [Read more...]