Changing advanced vSphere FT related settings, is that supported?

Advertise here with BSAThis week I received a question around changing the values for vSphere FT related advanced settings. This customer is working on an environment where uptime is key. Of course the application layer is one side, but they also want to have additional availability from an infrastructure perspective. … [Read more...]

Using a vSphere custom TCP/IP Stack for iSCSI

Advertise here with BSAI noticed a question today on an internal slack channel and it was about the use of custom TCP/IP stacks for iSCSI storage environments. Cormac and I updated a bunch of Core Storage whitepapers recently, and one of them was the iSCSI Best Practices white paper. It appears that this little section … [Read more...]

Insufficient configured resources to satisfy the desired vSphere HA failover level

Advertise here with BSAI was going over some of the VMTN threads and I noticed an issue brought up with Admission Control a while ago. Completely forgot about it until it was brought up again internally. With vSphere 6.5 and vSphere HA there seems to be a problem with some Admission Control Policies. When you for … [Read more...]

Using HA VM Component Protection in a mixed environment

Advertise here with BSAI have some customers who are running both traditional storage and vSAN in the same environment. As most of you are aware, vSAN and VMCP do not go together at this point. So what does that mean for traditional storage, as in with traditional storage for certain storage failure scenarios you can … [Read more...]

vSphere HA heartbeat datastores, the isolation address and vSAN

Advertise here with BSAI’ve written about vSAN and vSphere HA various times, but I don’t think this has been explicitly called out before. Cormac and I were doing some tests this week and noticed something. When we were looking at results I realized I described it in my HA book a long time ago, but it is so … [Read more...]

VMware: vCenter 6.5 – warning message: RBD Health Alarm

This monitor tracks the vCenter RBD (vSphere Auto Deploy) Health Alarm. By default, the alarm is triggered by the following event: vim.event.HealthStatusChangedEvent: Health status of the Sphere Auto Deploy Waiter changed. For instructions on troubleshooting the Sphere Auto Deploy Waiter, see this VMware KB … [Read more...]

Which disk controller to use for vSAN

Advertise here with BSAI have many customers going through the plan and design phase for implementing a vSAN based infrastructure. Many of them have conversations with OEMs and this typically results in a set of recommendations in terms of which hardware to purchase. One thing that seems to be a recurring theme is the … [Read more...]

Sharing the “Top 10 things to know about vSAN” slides…

Advertise here with BSAI was asked by a few people to share the slides for our Top 10 vSAN session at VMworld. Instead of sending the slides around via email I figured I would simply throw it up on slideshare and share it here. "Sharing the “Top 10 things to know about vSAN” slides…" originally … [Read more...]

Watch VMworld session “Top 10 Things to Know about vSAN #STO1264BE” for free …

Advertise here with BSAI didn’t know, but apparently our session was a featured session at VMworld Europe. For those interested in our VMworld: Top 10 vSAN session there’s a “mini player” below of our European VMworld session. I somehow can’t get it in a proper size but still wanted to … [Read more...]

List all “thick” swap files on vSAN

Advertise here with BSAAs some may know, on vSAN by default the swap file is a fully reserved file. This means that if you have a VM with 8GB of memory, vSAN will reserve 16GB capacity in total for it. 16GB? Yes, 16GB as the FTT=1 policy is also applied to it. In vSAN 6.2 we introduced the ability to have swap files … [Read more...]