Doing maintenance on a Two-Node (Direct Connect) vSAN configuration

Advertise here with BSAI was talking to a partner and customer last week at a VMUG. They were running a two node (direct connect) vSAN configuration and had some issues during maintenance which were, to them, not easy to explain. What they did is they placed the host which was in the “preferred fault … [Read more...]

vSAN 6.6.1 Performance Diagnostics Demo

Advertise here with BSAI was playing in my lab this morning and figured I would record a demo of a new feature which is part of vSAN 6.6.1. The Performance Diagnostics feature is aimed to help those running benchmarks to optimize their benchmarks, or optimize their vSAN configuration to reach their expected goals. Note … [Read more...]

Unbalanced Stretched vSAN Cluster

Advertise here with BSAI had this question a couple of times the past month so I figured I would write a quick post. The question that was asked is: Can I have an unbalanced stretched cluster? In other words: Can I have 6 hosts in Site A and 4 hosts in site B when using vSAN Stretched Cluster functionality? In short: … [Read more...]

vSphere 6.5 U1 is out… and it comes with vSAN 6.6.1

Advertise here with BSAvSphere 6.5 U1 was released last night. It has some cool new functionality in there as part of vSAN 6.6.1 (I can’t wait for vSAN 6.6.6 to ship ;-)). There are a lot of fixes of course in 6.6.1 and U1, but as stated, there’s also new functionality: VMware vSphere Update Manager (VUM) … [Read more...]