Can you move a vSAN Stretched Cluster to a different vCenter Server?

Advertise here with BSA I noticed a question today on one of our internal social platforms, the question was if you can move a vSAN Stretched Cluster to a different vCenter Server. I can be short, I tested it and the answer is yes! How do you do it? Well, we have a great KB that actually documents the process for a … [Read more...]

Runecast Analyzer 3.0!

Advertise here with BSAThis week I had a brief conversation with the folks from Runecast. I have been following them since day 1 and they have made a big impression on me from the start. During the conversation the Runecast folks shared with me that Runecast Analyzer 3.0 was going to be announced today and they gave a … [Read more...]

Site locality in a vSAN Stretched Cluster?

Advertise here with BSAOn the community forums, a question was asked around the use of site locality in a vSAN Stretched Cluster. When you create a stretched cluster in vSAN you can define within a policy how the data needs to be protected. Do you want to replicate across datacenters? Do you want to protect the … [Read more...]