Load Balancing VMware Cloud on AWS with KEMP

It is no surprise that VMware is the most used running hypervisor in the data center today. Also, I see customers are going cloud first in their plans going forward. Having a Hybrid solution where you manage your “Cloud” datacenter from your normal vCenter as this is your normal local infrastructure makes … [Read more...]

Deleting an archive from Glacier though the AWS CLI

AWS Glacier is Amazon’s secure, durable, and extremely low-cost cloud storage service for data archiving and long-term backup. It’s durability is 99.999999999% and with a price starting at $0.004 per GB per month, it’s suitable to store large amounts of data for a longer period. You will … [Read more...]

My AWS Solution Architect Associate exam experience

Last week I sat and passed the AWS Solution Architect Associate exam. In this article I will share my experiences and provide you with some advice in regards to this exam. Currently there are two versions of the AWS SA associate exam available, the ‘classic’ exam and the ‘new’ exam, currently in … [Read more...]

AWS Benelux Summit 2018: May 31st, The Hague

Picture courtesy “Web Summits” and licensed under Creative Commons 2.0. The AWS Benelux Summit 2018 will take place May 31st at the “The World Forum” in The Hague, The Netherlands. Although previous information reported Amsterdam as the location for the event, the official AWS sponsorship … [Read more...]

Evaluating AWS S3 and Glacier as a backup target for QNAP

With the recent announcement from Crashplan that they will discontinue Crashplan for Home, it was time for me to re-evaluate the backup strategy of my personal data. I’m currently running a QNAP TS-671, and used to run the Crashplan application on the device. One of the alternatives is to use the native Hybrid … [Read more...]

Configure AWS IPSEC site to site VPN using Ubiquiti EdgeRouter

In this post I want to share my experiences with connecting my Ubiquiti EdgeRouter to a AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) using an IPSEC site to site VPN connection. AWS VPN options If you want to connect your on-premises environment to AWS, you have various options: AWS hardware VPN – In this scenario AWS provides … [Read more...]

What to know about VMware Cloud on AWS

During VMworld 2017 VMware Cloud on AWS (VMConAWS) is announced. This partnership between VMware and AWS makes it possible to create a VMware Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC) in AWS. In this blogpost  I highlight some useful information on “What is the VMware Cloud on AWS”. VMware Cloud on AWS is a cloud … [Read more...]

Virtually Speaking Podcast: VMW Cloud on AWS

Advertise here with BSAI was on vacation the past two weeks, yesterday I got a message from Frank Denneman and Pete Flecha if I had some time available. I was working in my backyard so dropped my tools and hopped on. Apparently John was sick, so I took his spot and here’s the result. Interesting conversation with … [Read more...]