Cisco UCS: What’s the maximum bandwidth per blade?

As I already mentioned in this article, Cisco UCS is a complex combination of components. With the release of the M3 type Cisco UCS blades the number of components have increased and so did the complexity. The result is that I receive calls from colleagues/customers on a regular basis, complaining about the amount of … [Read more...]

How to: Shutdown ESXi host in case of a power failure

When running a virtual infrastructure based on VMware vSphere, you have multiple techniques to create a high available environment. You can create a cluster, use VMware HA or FT but when the power fails you’re done. To buy us a little bit of time, you can add a UPS with enough capacity to power your … [Read more...]

Horizon View in a stretched cluster environment: Can I have that? No!

Ever since VMware started selling View as a desktop solution, we’ve had these discussions with colleagues and customers. You probably are familiar with the topic: Many companies have more than one location, but they all want to manage their IT infrastructure as if it was one. So, if we can throw in a big … [Read more...]