vSphere 7 with Kubernetes – 2 Node Lab Deployment

I was really looking forward to get my hands on vSphere 7 with Kubernetes. Although a minimum of 3 hosts is required in a VCF setup, the vSphere Web Client told me a two node cluster should also suffice…and in the meantime I’ve learned even a one node (lab) deployment is an option. In this article […] … [Read more...]

Changes to VMware’s vCloud Suite 5.5

Also read: VMworld 2013 San Francisco – Recap With the announcement of VMware vCloud Suite 5.5 (and vSphere 5.5), some interesting changes have been made to the composition of this suite. This article will point out these changes. First of all VMware vCloud Automation Center (vCAC, pronounced as vCake ;) is playing … [Read more...]

VMworld 2013 San Francisco – Recap

Last week VMworld 2013 took place at the Mosone Center in San Francisco. VMworld is VMware's annual virtualization and cloud event and is the source for the knowledge and connections you need to leverage virtualization and cloud computing technologies in your business. This article contains a collection of  links to … [Read more...]

Commvault announced Simpana 10 – vCD support included!

Commvault just announced Simpana 10. This version of Simpana now support VMware vCloud as a possible backup source. On top of this, Commvault announced the following new features regarding VMware virtualization for the product: Highly Scalable Fault-Tolerant Backups Using Proxy Teaming -You can now use proxy teaming … [Read more...]

Annual blog voting is here!

Eric Siebert over at vSphere-Land launched the annual blog voting for the 2013 top VMware & virtualization blogs. Viktorious.nl is participating in this voting for the first time because the blog is just running since April 2012. With already more then 110 articles online about all things vSphere and vCloud … [Read more...]

NetBackup available – some improvements on vSphere 5.1 support

I’ve just learned Symantec released NetBackup solving some of the previous issues had with vSphere 5.1: “Sphere 5.1 Support – Consuming VDDK 5.0 U1 VMware backup host is now supported on the following operating systems: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 x64 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3 … [Read more...]

How to move the vCops vApp between clusters

The vApp version of vCenter Operations Manager (vCops) consists of two virtual machines: the Analytics VM and the UI VM. This vApp has to be deployed in a DRS enabled vSphere cluster, because of this vApp requirement. This article will show you a method on how to move the vCops vApp between clusters. (Note: Deploying … [Read more...]