Announcing VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery!

Advertise here with BSA Most of you probably saw the announcements around the acquisition of Datrium not too long ago. One of the major drivers for that acquisition was the Disaster Recovery solution which Datrium developed. This week at VMworld this service was announced as a new VMware disaster recovery option. The … [Read more...]

The Nimble Scale

Last week I was in San Jose for Storage Field Day 2. On the first day of this event we visited a Nimble Storage to get a great presentation about their products. With their Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL) architecture the Nimble Storage arrays are able to Scale-up as well as Scale-Out, or as Nimble [...] … [Read more...]

Zerto: Interviewing and being interviewed

Last week at VMworld EMEA I was able to interview Shannon Snowden of Zerto for the DutchVMUG: And even got interviewed by Shannon: Want to know more about Zerto after these interviews? Visit the Zerto Website: … [Read more...]