vSphere 7 DRS Scalable Shares Deep Dive

You are one tickbox away from completely overhauling the way you look at resource pools. Yes you can still use them as folders (sigh), but with the newly introduced Scalable Shares option in vSphere 7 you can turn resource pools into more or less Quality of Service classes. Sounds interesting right? Let’s first … [Read more...]

DRS Migration Threshold in vSphere 7

DRS in vSphere 7 is equipped with a new algorithm. The old algorithm measured the load of each host in the cluster and tried to keep the difference in workload within a specific range. And that range, the target host load standard deviation, was tuned via the migration threshold.   The new algorithm is … [Read more...]

vSAN/DRS awareness to be introduced in vSAN/vSphere 7.0!

Advertise here with BSA It was briefly mentioned here, but I figured I would elaborate on this new cool feature for vSAN Stretched Clusters which is DRS Awareness of vSAN Stretched Clusters. So what does this mean? Well, it is fairly straight forward. DRS will take vSAN resync traffic into consideration when the DRS … [Read more...]

vSphere 7 and DRS Scalable Shares, how are they calculated?

Advertise here with BSA I wrote a post and recorded a short demo that explained this cool new feature called Scalable Shares, part of vSphere 7 / DRS, last week. I didn’t want to go too deep in the post, but now that I am getting more questions about how this actually works, I figured I would provide some examples to … [Read more...]

Introducing Scalable Shares – vSphere 7

Advertise here with BSA Early 2015 Frank Denneman and I had a discussion during a flight to San Francisco. We came up with this concept for Resource Pools where the number of shares would be determined by the number of VMs and the priority of the pool. In other words, we wanted to avoid the dilution of shares in an … [Read more...]

vSphere 6.5+ DRS Pairwise Balancing

Or maybe I should have called this blog post, “I’m seeing an excessive number of DRS initiated vMotions on my newly upgraded 6.5 environment”. Recently I was part of a few conversations about the nature of DRS load balancing in systems running vSphere 6.5 and newer. It was noticed that more vMotion … [Read more...]

vSphere 5.5 nuggets: High Availability Enhancement

There aren’t a lot of changes in 5.5 when it comes to vSphere High Availability aka HA, but one is worth noting. As most of you are probably aware of, vSphere HA in the past did nothing with VM to VM Affinity or Anti Affinity rules. Typically for people using “affinity” rules this was not an issue, … [Read more...]

What’s new in vSphere 5.5 for DRS?

In vSphere 5.5 a couple of new pieces of functionality have been added to DRS. The first one is around the maximum number of VMs on a single host that DRS should allow. I guess some of you will say hey didn’t we introduce that last year with that advanced setting called “LimitVMsPerESXHost“? Yes that … [Read more...]

Do you use vApps?

We’re interested in learning more about how you use vApps for workload provisioning today and how you envision it evolving in the future. If you have a couple of spare minutes, please fill out these 15 questions: http://www.surveymethods.com/EndUser.aspx?FFDBB7AEFDB5AAAAFB Thanks! The post Do you use vApps? … [Read more...]

Managing VMware DRS rules using PowerCLI

One of the core features of VMware vSphere is the Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS). VMware DRS is vSphere’s workload load balancer and relies on VMware vMotion technology to live-migrate workloads from one ESX host to another. You can constrain the VMware DRS decisions by defining DRS Rules. As of vSphere 4.1 there … [Read more...]