New whitepaper available: vSphere Metro Storage Cluster Recommended Practices (6.5 update)

Advertise here with BSAI had many requests for an updated version of this paper, so the past couple of weeks I have been working hard. The paper was outdated as it was last updated around the vSphere 6.0 timeframe, and it was only a minor update. I looked at every single section and added in new statements and guidance … [Read more...]

Who is Netwrix?

During Tech Field Day 11 we had presentations from a lot of awesome companies. Some of them I knew, but others were new to me, and that while some of these already exist for multiple years. The first of these “older”companies was Netwrix. When writing a couple of VMware designs in which compliancy was a […] … [Read more...]

Playing around with EMC CloudArray on VSAN

Advertise here with BSAToday I figured I would play around with EMC CloudArray a bit on top of VSAN. It comes with a VxRail appliance by default so I figured I would check what it has to offer. For those who don’t know. CloudArray allows you to provide NFS/CIFS and Object based storage to your datacenter … [Read more...]

EMC and VMware introduce VxRail, a new hyper-converged appliance

Advertise here with BSAAs most of you know I’ve been involved in Virtual SAN in some shape or form since the very first release. Reason I was very excited about Virtual SAN is because I felt it would provide anyone the ability to develop a hyper-converged offering. Many VMware partners have already done this, and … [Read more...]

EMC VSPEX Blue aka EVO:RAIL going GA

EMC just announced the general availability of VSPEX Blue. VSPEX Blue is basically EMC’s version of EVO:RAIL and EMC wouldn’t be EMC if they didn’t do something special with it. First thing that stands out from a hardware perspective is that EMC will offer two models a standard model with the Intel … [Read more...]

ScaleIO in the ESXi Kernel, what about the rest of the ecosystem?

Before reading my take on this, please read this great article by Vijay Ramachandran as he explains the difference between ScaleIO and VSAN in the kernel. And before I say anything, let me reinforce that this is my opinion and not VMware’s necessarily. I’ve seen some negative comments around Scale IO / VMware / … [Read more...]

Add RecoverPoint 4.1 with SRM RecoverPoint SRA 2.2 fails with error “SRA command ‘discoverArrays’ failed” UPDATED

During an installation and configuration of an SRM solution for a customer based on EMC RecoverPoint 4.1 I ran in to an interesting issue. When I tried to add the RecoverPoint Clusters on both sites using the RecoverPoint SRA 2.2 I received the following error message: Looking at the SRM logs on the SRM server did not … [Read more...]

EMC VPLEX and Storage DRS / Storage IO Control

At VMworld various people asked me why VMware did not support the use of Storage DRS and Storage IO Control in a VPLEX Metro environment. This was something new to me and when someone pointed me to a KB article I started digging. When discussing it with the various teams the following is what we concluded for EMC … [Read more...] at VMworld US 2013

The biggest event of the year for us virtualization enthusiasts is just around the corner. VMworld celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. From 25 up to the 29 of August San Francisco’s famous Moscone Center will host VMworld 2013 and it’s huge audience. It’s going to be another great show, … [Read more...]

Try the EMC Storage simulators

At work I only use storage from NetApp or HP because that’s what our portfolio includes. If I want to familiarize myself with other storage solutions we at VMGuru regularly test Synology, QNAP or Thecus SMB/home storage solutions. For enterprise grade storage solution I rely on special one-of projects like … [Read more...]