Where do I download the vSAN File Service OVA?

Last few weeks I had this question at least three times, surprisingly as I thought it wasn’t too difficult to find. The question was if my vCenter Server has no connection to the internet, where do I download the vSAN File Service OVA file that I can use to setup vSAN File Service manually? The UI provides the … [Read more...]

vSAN File Services and Stretched Clusters!

As most of you probably know, vSAN File Services is not supported on a stretched cluster with vSAN 7.0 or 7.0U1. However, starting with vSAN 7.0 U2 we now fully support the use of vSAN File Services on a stretched cluster configuration! Why is that? In 7.0 U2, you now have the ability to specify during configuration of … [Read more...]