removevmhba script obsolete

Hi all. Today (17-4-2012) William Lam provided a method to prevent HBA drivers to be loaded during installation and upgrades. This makes the removevmhba script obsolete. Since I got asked quite often wetter this would be possible for ESXi, I couldn't answer. However, check out this post, since that would be the current … [Read more...]

Chargeback challenge

I got a question from @repping yesterday which got me thinking. His question was: "Do you know a good site where I can find memory prices for enterprise hardware.". Later it became clear he wanted to use that price to calculate chargeback for memory. He wanted to know the amount/GB. My fist reaction was: well, looking … [Read more...]

vSphere 5 Memory Management and Monitoring diagram

Mr. @esloof did a nice tweet about this one and caught my attention. It's a very nice diagram in pdf format showing the memory management for vSphere 5. The thing I like best is the way it is set up: screenshot from esxtop, vSphere client and very clear mapping of virtual memory into physical memory. I'm printing … [Read more...]

Swap into thin air

This post is just a reminder for me - however, there might be a thing or two for you to pick up too... Take a look at the image below (you can click it to enlarge): It show the swap data from a VM. Let me explain each line and why swap vanished into thin air : Swap in - The amount of memory EVER swapped from disk … [Read more...]

Awesome vSphere facts!

I received a link to this: VMware Technical Journal. Also @duncanyb also blogged about this one already. However, I want to stress how cool this document actually is! Like: did you know VMware developed a tool called vmtar. A normal TAR is unaligned and vmtar makes sure the files inside the tar are aligned. Why do we … [Read more...]

Prevent VM from starting

I got this nice question from my colleague last week: We have cloned a VM, but I want to prevent the original from being started. Also when we do a failover to an other datacenter - I do not wan't this VM to be started. Good question - easy answer: convert your VM into a template. Templates cannot be started. Also, … [Read more...]

Goodbye blog – hello BLOG!

Hi all, I've just updated my complete site. I wasn't really happy with the whole template so it was time for me to update it. I also updated the BLOG section, filtered out relevant articles and upgraded the joomla back-end to the latest version. Overall, I'm very satisfied. You can rate articlles, give comments, … [Read more...]

DutchVMUG 2011

Last Friday I was at the DutchVMUG in the NBC Nieuwegein, the Netherlands. The DutchVMUG is a large (700+) VMware Usergroup event. During this event you'll get great speakers in 4 parallel sessions, the ability to do workshops, visit awesome sponsors and meet peers in the industry. My experiences were just plain … [Read more...]