2 node direct connect vSAN and error “vSphere HA agent on this host could not reach isolation address”

Advertise here with BSA I’ve had this question over a dozen times now, so I figured I would add a quick pointer to my blog. What is causing the error “vSphere HA agent on this host could not reach isolation address” to pop up on a 2-node direct connect vSAN cluster? The answer is simple, when you have … [Read more...]

I discovered .PNG files on my datastore, can I delete them?

Advertise here with BSA I noticed this question on Reddit about .PNG which were located in VM folders on a datastore. The user wanted to remove the datastore from the cluster but didn’t know where these files were coming from and if the VM required those files to be available in some shape or form. I can be brief … [Read more...]

Insufficient configured resources to satisfy the desired vSphere HA failover level

Advertise here with BSAI was going over some of the VMTN threads and I noticed an issue brought up with Admission Control a while ago. Completely forgot about it until it was brought up again internally. With vSphere 6.5 and vSphere HA there seems to be a problem with some Admission Control Policies. When you for … [Read more...]

Using HA VM Component Protection in a mixed environment

Advertise here with BSAI have some customers who are running both traditional storage and vSAN in the same environment. As most of you are aware, vSAN and VMCP do not go together at this point. So what does that mean for traditional storage, as in with traditional storage for certain storage failure scenarios you can … [Read more...]

vSphere HA heartbeat datastores, the isolation address and vSAN

Advertise here with BSAI’ve written about vSAN and vSphere HA various times, but I don’t think this has been explicitly called out before. Cormac and I were doing some tests this week and noticed something. When we were looking at results I realized I described it in my HA book a long time ago, but it is so … [Read more...]

The difference between an isolation and a partition with vSphere

Advertise here with BSAI have a lot of discussions with customers on the topic of stretched clusters, but also regular vSphere clusters. Something that often comes up is the discussion around what happens in an isolation or partition scenario. Fairly often customers (but also VMware employees) use those words … [Read more...]

Can you use the management IPs as the isolation address for HA?

Advertise here with BSAThere was a question on VMTN this week about the use of the management IP’s in a “smaller” cluster as the isolation address for vSphere HA. The plan was to disable the default isolation address (default gateway) and then add every management IP as an isolation address. In this … [Read more...]

Where’s the HA enforce VM-Host and Affinity rules option in vSphere 6.5?

Advertise here with BSALast week on (VMware internal) Socialcast someone asked where the UI option is in vSphere 6.5 that allows you to enable the ability for vSphere HA to respect VM-Host Affinity and VM-VM Anti Affinity rules. In vSphere 6.0 there is an option in the Rules part of the UI as shown in the screenshot … [Read more...]

VM showing that HA failure response is disabled in 6.5?

Advertise here with BSAI had a customer asking me today why on each VM it was showing that all HA responses are disabled. This customer is running vSphere 6.5 and below you can see what the UI showed. Note that it still says the VM is Protected, yet none of the protection mechanisms appeared to be enabled I asked them … [Read more...]

HA disabled VMs not registered on other hosts after failure?

Advertise here with BSAA couple of weeks ago one of our SEs asked me about vSphere HA functionality that was introduced a while ago, which is the ability to have HA disabled VMs being registered on other healthy hosts in a cluster after a failure. Not only does this apply to “HA disabled VMs” but also to … [Read more...]