I discovered .PNG files on my datastore, can I delete them?

Advertise here with BSA I noticed this question on Reddit about .PNG which were located in VM folders on a datastore. The user wanted to remove the datastore from the cluster but didn’t know where these files were coming from and if the VM required those files to be available in some shape or form. I can be brief … [Read more...]

Changing advanced vSphere FT related settings, is that supported?

Advertise here with BSAThis week I received a question around changing the values for vSphere FT related advanced settings. This customer is working on an environment where uptime is key. Of course the application layer is one side, but they also want to have additional availability from an infrastructure perspective. … [Read more...]

Can you use the management IPs as the isolation address for HA?

Advertise here with BSAThere was a question on VMTN this week about the use of the management IP’s in a “smaller” cluster as the isolation address for vSphere HA. The plan was to disable the default isolation address (default gateway) and then add every management IP as an isolation address. In this … [Read more...]

Where’s the HA enforce VM-Host and Affinity rules option in vSphere 6.5?

Advertise here with BSALast week on (VMware internal) Socialcast someone asked where the UI option is in vSphere 6.5 that allows you to enable the ability for vSphere HA to respect VM-Host Affinity and VM-VM Anti Affinity rules. In vSphere 6.0 there is an option in the Rules part of the UI as shown in the screenshot … [Read more...]

HA disabled VMs not registered on other hosts after failure?

Advertise here with BSAA couple of weeks ago one of our SEs asked me about vSphere HA functionality that was introduced a while ago, which is the ability to have HA disabled VMs being registered on other healthy hosts in a cluster after a failure. Not only does this apply to “HA disabled VMs” but also to … [Read more...]

[Sponsor: Unitrends] What Is The Future of Backup?

Hyper-Convergence Meets Data Protection and High Availability In 2014, there were 28 million IT professionals worldwide. IDC expects this number to grow to 36 million by 2020. The trouble here is that the amount of data for which these professionals are held responsible is growing at a much higher rate. Today, each IT … [Read more...]

vSphere 5.1 Clustering Deep Dive promotion & major milestone

This week when looking at the sales numbers of the vSphere Clustering Deep Dive series and Frank and I noticed that we hit a major milestone! In September 2014 we passed the 45000 copies distributed of the vSphere Clustering Deep Dive. Frank and I never ever expected this or even dared to dream to hit this … [Read more...]

das.maskCleanShutdownEnabled is set to true by default

I had a couple of questions on the topic of das.maskCleanShutdownEnabled today. For those who have not read the other articles I wrote about this topic, this is in short what it does and why it was introduced and how I explained it in an email today: When a virtual machine is powered off (or shut down) by a user a … [Read more...]

ESXi DCUI Shutdown vs vCenter Shutdown of a host

Today on the community forums someone mentioned he had shutdown his host and that he expected vSphere HA to restart his virtual machines. For whatever reason he got in a situation where all of his VMs were still running but he couldn’t do much anymore with them and as such he wanted to kill the host so that HA … [Read more...]

Did you know, no VMotion when HA network partitioned

During my migration from vSphere 4.1 to vSphere 5.5, I ran into an issue I had never experienced before. When your VMware HA network is partitioned, vCenter will not let you perform VMotions. At first I was surprised but after some searching I learned the reasons behind it and it makes complete sense now. I had a … [Read more...]