News from (pre-)VMworld 2021: Tanzu Community Edition is here!

At DevOpsLoop at VMworld “Tanzu Community Edition” (TCE) was announced. Tanzu Community Edition is a full-featured, easy to manage Kubernetes platform for learners and users. It’s available for free (!) and community supported. You can run Tanzu CE on your local workstation or your cloud of … [Read more...]

App Modernization with Tanzu @ VMworld 2021

Are you ready for VMworld 2021? “Image that” is this year’s theme, VMware welcomes you on-line October 5-7 to experience this premier multi-cloud event. Again registration is 100% free, so there are no blockers to register today and pick your favourite sessions in the 2021 content catalog. … [Read more...]

TKGm – Failed to initiate cluster deployment cluster name vktrmgmt matches another management cluster

While I was playing around with TKG MultiCloud (aka “TKGm”) on vSphere I ran into the error “Failed to initiate cluster deployment cluster name vktrsmgmt matches another management cluster”. Although I’ve used the vktrsmgmt during a previous deployment, currently the vktrsmgmt cluster is … [Read more...]

NLVMUG speaking engagement: Getting started with K8S on vSphere

Today I presented at the Virtual NLVMUG UserCon 2020. The topic of my presentation was “Getting started with K8S on vSphere in 3..2..1” (Aan de slag met Kubernetes op vSphere in 3..2..1). Goal of this presentation was to get the audience up to speed in deploying & configuring vSphere with Tanzu. vSphere … [Read more...]

Making you more efficient with Kubectl

In previous articles I showed how to setup Kubernetes in vSphere and how to deploy vSphere pods and Tanzu Kubernetes clusters. In this article I’m introducing some tools that will make your more efficient with kubectl, you cockpit to control Kubernetes. In this article my base system is CentOS 8.2, most of the … [Read more...]