Can’t have more than 255 characters in VM notes using the vSphere (h5) Client?

I had a question about a limit a customer was hitting with the VM notes using the vSphere (H5) Client. They noticed that whenever they got around ~260 or so characters, they could not add any characters beyond that unless they deleted some. After talking to an engineer within VMware I found out that this is indeed the … [Read more...]

Cool tool update: RVTool 4.0.4 released

Advertise here with BSA Probably one of the most downloaded tools ever, just released a new version: RVTools 4.0.4. Rob emailed me over the weekend, that this new version was just released and he also mentioned that he has reached over 1.2 million downloads. 1.2 million indeed! Crazy number, especially knowing how many … [Read more...]

Startup News Flash part 2

First part of the Startup News Flash was published a couple of weeks ago, and as many things have happened I figured I would publish another. At times I guess I will miss out on a news fact or a new company, if that happens don’t hesitate to leave a comment with your findings/opinion or just a link to what you … [Read more...]