Unexplored Territory #014 – Using ML accelerators efficiently with Justin Murray

This was one fun episode. I just love talking to people about things that are relatively new to me, and AI/ML definitely is a relatively new topic for me. Justin Murray is VMware’s Tech Marketing guru on this topic and he had some great knowledge to share with us. On top of that, Justin just has a great way of … [Read more...]

Stop designing your server platform with solely the CPU roadmap in mind

Over the last 20 years, we designed our core data center platform following the CPU roadmap. But in today’s world, the devices attached to the processor make radical and revolutionary improvements, catering to the needs of the new workloads. I’m talking about devices like the GPU, the network adapter, and … [Read more...]

Unexplored Territory #005: AI Enterprise, DPUs, and NVIDIA Launchpad with Luke Wignall

Episode 004 is out! This time we talk to Luke Wignall, who is the Director of Technical Product Marketing at NVIDIA. We talk about some of the announcements made during the NVIDIA GTC Conference. Luke discusses NVIDIA Launchpad, AI Enterprise, and of course, we touch on DPUs aka SmartNICs. A great conversation with A … [Read more...]

Exciting Sessions from NVIDIA GTC Fall 2021

Over the last few weeks, I watched many sessions of the NVIDIA Fall version of GTC. I created a list of interesting sessions for a group of people internally at VMware, but I thought the list might interest some outside VMware. It’s primarily focused on understanding NVIDIA’s product and services suite and … [Read more...]