NetApp HCI: Hyper Converged or Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure?

NetApp Hyper Converged or Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure – What Might The Future Hold? from Gestalt IT on Vimeo. It is incredible that it already more than a year since my last post here at VDIcloud, and it’s even worse that I promised more content but never delivered. So let’s give it another try, and where … [Read more...]

Who is Netwrix?

During Tech Field Day 11 we had presentations from a lot of awesome companies. Some of them I knew, but others were new to me, and that while some of these already exist for multiple years. The first of these “older”companies was Netwrix. When writing a couple of VMware designs in which compliancy was a […] … [Read more...]

VMware View with FlexPod deployment guide

As a Cisco/NetApp FlexPod Partner we deploy a lot of FlexPods with all kinds of workloads. One of the more populair applications of aFlexPod is a VMware View environment. One of the tools to execute a valid and correctly configured FlexPod is a CVD, a Cisco Validated Design. Looking for the latest CVDs I ran across … [Read more...]

VMware: Call “FileManager.MakeDirectory” for object “FileManager” on vCenter Server “server.domain.local” failed.

Today I created some new NFS volumes at a NetApp FAS2040, after I configured the datastores in vSphere I couldn’t write files and folders, warning message: Call "FileManager.MakeDirectory" for object "FileManager" on vCenter Server "server.domain.local" failed. Solution: I forgot (stupid me) to … [Read more...]

VMware: Configure NetApp NFS datastore(s) Advanced parameters with PowerCLI

The settings that NetApp recommends (across all ESX hosts) are: - NFS.HeartbeatFrequency(NFS.HeartbeatDelta in vSphere) = 12 - NFS.HeartbeatTimeout = 5 (default) - NFS.HeartbeatMaxFailures = 10 When the number of NFS datastores are increased, we also recommend increasing the heap values: - Net.TcpipHeapSize … [Read more...]