Unexplored Territory #004: vVols with Cody Hosterman!

Episode 004 is out! This time we talk to Cody Hosterman, Director of Product Management at Pure Storage, about Virtual Volumes aka vVols! Cody shares with us the past, present, and future of vVols. I especially enjoyed his explanations around the benefits of vVols for traditional and cloud-native workload. It is also … [Read more...]

VMware: Call “FileManager.MakeDirectory” for object “FileManager” on vCenter Server “server.domain.local” failed.

Today I created some new NFS volumes at a NetApp FAS2040, after I configured the datastores in vSphere I couldn’t write files and folders, warning message: Call "FileManager.MakeDirectory" for object "FileManager" on vCenter Server "server.domain.local" failed. Solution: I forgot (stupid me) to … [Read more...]

VMware: Configure NetApp NFS datastore(s) Advanced parameters with PowerCLI

The settings that NetApp recommends (across all ESX hosts) are: - NFS.HeartbeatFrequency(NFS.HeartbeatDelta in vSphere) = 12 - NFS.HeartbeatTimeout = 5 (default) - NFS.HeartbeatMaxFailures = 10 When the number of NFS datastores are increased, we also recommend increasing the heap values: - Net.TcpipHeapSize … [Read more...]