vSAN File Services IPs not reachable when using NSX-T?

I’ve had this question a few times, if you enable vSAN File Services and you use NSX-T and it’s not possible to reach the vSAN File Service IP addresses, what should you do? In 999 out of the 1000 cases, it typically is a matter of enabling Mac Learning on the Segment Profile for the segment being used by … [Read more...]

AMD EPYC support in NSX-T 3.0

A lot of customers are looking at (the latest) AMD CPUs in virtualization environments. AMD is doing some interesting things with the EPYC CPUs: the first generation of EPYC CPUs (Naples) provided up to 32 cores, while the second generation EPYC CPUs (Rome) are now available with up to 64 cores per CPU. Although AMD … [Read more...]

Automated deployment of a NAT network with VMware Cloud Assembly and NSX-T

In a previous post I explained how to deploy a routed network in an automated way using VMware Cloud Assembly and NSX-T. In this article I will explain another network construct that is included in Cloud Assembly: a NAT network. VMware Cloud Assembly is part of VMware’s next generation automation & … [Read more...]