Unexplored Territory Podcast Episode 19 – Discussing NUMA and Cores per Sockets with the main CPU engineer of vSphere

Richard Lu joined us to talk basics of NUMA, Cores per Socket, why modern windows and mac systems have a default 2 cores per socket setting, how cores per socket help the guest OS interpret the cache topology better, the impact of incorrectly configured NUMA and Cores per Socket systems and many other interesting CPU … [Read more...]

Solving vNUMA Topology Mismatch When Migrating between Dual Socket Servers and Quad Socket Servers

I recently received a few questions from customers migrating between clusters with different CPU socket footprints. The challenge is not necessarily migrating live workloads between clusters because we have Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC) to solve this problem.  For VMware users just learning about this … [Read more...]

vSphere 7 Cores per Socket and Virtual NUMA

Regularly I meet with customers to discuss NUMA technology, and one of the topics that are always on the list is the Cores per Socket setting and its potential impact. In vSphere 6.5, we made some significant adjustments to the scheduler that allowed us to decouple the NUMA client creation from the Cores per Socket … [Read more...]

VM Service – Help Developers by Aligning Their Kubernetes Nodes to the Physical Infrastructure

The vSphere 7.0 U2a update released on April 27th introduces the new VM service and VM operator. Hidden away in what seems to be a trivial update is a collection of all-new functionalities. Myles Gray has written an extensive article about the new features. I want to highlight the zoom into the administrative controls … [Read more...]

Machine Learning Workload and GPGPU NUMA Node Locality

In the previous article “PCIe Device NUMA Node Locality” I covered the physical connection between the processor and the PCIe device briefly touched upon machine learning workloads with regards to PCIe NUMA locality. This article zooms in on why it is important to consider PCIe NUMA … [Read more...]

PCIe Device NUMA Node Locality

During this Christmas break, I wanted to learn PowerCLI properly. As I’m researching the use-cases of new hardware types and workloads in the data center, I managed to produce a script to identify the PCIe Device to NUMA Node Locality within a VMware ESXi Host. The script set contains a script for the most … [Read more...]

AMD EPYC Naples vs Rome and vSphere CPU Scheduler Updates

Recently AMD announced the 2nd generation of the AMD EPYC CPU architecture, the EPYC 7002 series. Most refer to the new CPU architecture using its internal codename Rome. When AMD introduced the 1st generation EPYC (Naples), they succeeded in setting a new record of core count and memory capacity per socket. … [Read more...]

60 Minutes of NUMA VMworld Session Commands

Verify Distribution of Memory Modules with PowerCLI Get-CimInstance -CimSession $Session CIM_PhysicalMemory | select BankLabel, Description, @{n=‘Capacity in GB';e={$_.Capacity/1GB}} PowerCLI Script to Detect Node Interleaving Get-VMhost | select @{Name="Host Name";Expression={$_.Name}}, ​@{Name="CPU … [Read more...]