VMware: “vcpPerformance Function” error when upload Capacity Planner .csv files

Today I configured VMware Capacity Planner 2.8 by a customer, after I finished the Collected inventory + Performance data task I started the Synchronize job. The .csv files uploaded successfully but at the end of the job I received this warning messages: ERROR: An unexpected error occurred! Module = vcpPerformance … [Read more...]

How to improve VMware View video performance

During the last weeks we’ve been busy implementing a large VMware View deployment for one customer and planning an even larger VMware View deployment for another customer. At the first site we ran into some video performance issues which we definitely want to avoid during the second project. In our quest to solve … [Read more...]

Serious performance impact on high IO VM with multiple snapshots

Recently I ran in to a situation where a customer suffered severe performance issues on a virtualized SQL server. In the SQL server we noticed a high CPU utilization, but the underlying ESX hosts only showed relatively low CPU utilization for this VM. Debugging the VM performance issue with esxtop showed very high … [Read more...]