Want a free digital copy of the vSphere Design Pocketbook?

I just noticed that PernixData is offering free copies of the vSphere Design Pocketbook. Only thing you will need to do is register here. I believe at VMworld they handed out roughly 1500 copies of these, and they have been very well received. For those who don’t know, this book was “authored by the … [Read more...]

Acceleration layer architecture and I/O request

When installing PernixData FVP or VMware vFlash Read Cache you are introducing an acceleration layer that (drumroll)…..accelerates data. Although this might seem very obvious to you, it will have an impact on how you test the new environment. Let’s start of by reviewing the traditional architecture and the new … [Read more...]

A short series on evaluating an acceleration platform

Testing an acceleration platform differs from testing an traditional environment in which the central storage system is responsible for providing both the data services as well as the I/O performance of the application. In this short series of articles I will focus on some of the pitfalls one need to avoid when testing … [Read more...]

Design considerations for the host local FVP architecture

With FVP 1.0 release this week, the questions on host local architecture starting to explode. More and more people are starting to test FVP and they want to create the most optimal environment to test on. And I don’t blame them . Questions such as, should I use one disk or multiple disks, Which RAID level, SSD … [Read more...]

Startup News Flash part 1

I am on PTO this week so have tried to avoid spending time behind my mac/iPhone/iPad, well tried I guess… It is difficult as most of you probaby know and have realized. While on vacation a couple of interesting things happened, hence this Startup New Flash blog post. The primary focus of this article is Startup … [Read more...]

FVP Remote flash access

Last year, when I was introduced to FVP one thing stood out and that was the seamless support of vSphere clustering features such as HA and DRS. In order to support clustering you need to provide a clustered solution yourself. Creating a clustered solution is not an end to itself, but it’s the foundation for the remote … [Read more...]

Introducing startup PernixData – Out of stealth!

There are many startups out there that do something with storage these days. To be honest, many of them do the same thing and at times I wonder why on earth everyone focuses on the same segment and tries to attack it with the same product / feature set. One of the golden rules for any startup should be that you have a … [Read more...]