Announcing the Unexplored Territory Podcast!

Frank, Johan, and I have been working on this for a few months already, but today I can finally share that a brand new podcast series will be out soon. This bi-weekly podcast (released on Monday) is titled “Unexplored Territory“. We will be discussing topics such as public cloud, virtualization, … [Read more...]

There’s a new podcast in town, but it is in Dutch!

I wanted to inform the Yellow-Bricks readers that I started a podcast recently with Frank Denneman and Johan van Amersfoort. The name of the podcast is “In de aap gelogeerd” and that may already reveal that it is not in English, but it is in Dutch. Some may wonder why, well I guess that is easy to explain, … [Read more...]

vSpeaking Podcast: Top 10 Admin Tools

Last week I was invited to the vSpeaking Podcast. The podcast discussed the Top 10 Admin Tools for VMware customers. It is a great list if you ask me, hear all about through your favorite podcast app, or just click play below! Source … [Read more...]

I joined the Futr Tech Podcast last week, check out the episode here!

Last week I had the pleasure of joining Chris and Sandesh on the Futr Tech podcast. The episode was just published online, and I wanted to share it with all of you via this blog post. Make sure to watch/listen to the episode and subscribe to the youtube channel or podcast. I’ve been following these guys for a … [Read more...]

VMworld US 2019 – Know Before You Go Podcast

Last week I had the pleasure of connecting again with my friends and colleagues Pete Flecha, Duncan Epping and amateur back up dancer to Pat Benatar, Mr. Ken Werneburg. During the podcast, we discussed the upcoming VMworld. As it is returning to San Francisco, it might be interesting to revisit your conference … [Read more...]