Get the highest concurrent license usage from a VMware Horizon environment

In some managed VMware Horizon environments, I wanted to know the highest concurrent users per month. This information can be found in the Horizon Administrator Console under Settings – Product Licensing and Usage – Usage. VMware PowerCLI supports access to the View API to automate this. To automate … [Read more...]

Create a central VMware Tools repository

VMware Tools releases have been decoupled from VMware vSphere release since version 10.0. You can now standardize to the latest VMware Tools by configuring a centralized repository. This can be useful when you want to point to a new VMware Tools version when for example a security vulnerability in identified VMware … [Read more...]

Can’t have more than 255 characters in VM notes using the vSphere (h5) Client?

I had a question about a limit a customer was hitting with the VM notes using the vSphere (H5) Client. They noticed that whenever they got around ~260 or so characters, they could not add any characters beyond that unless they deleted some. After talking to an engineer within VMware I found out that this is indeed the … [Read more...]

List the parent and active snapshot per VMware Horizon pool

On my GitHub page (link), I uploaded a PowerShell script that identifies all the active parent and snapshot per VMware Horizon pool. The parent VM is also known as Golden image. With this script, you can quickly identify what parent VMs and snapshots are in use.   Share Tweet … [Read more...]

VMware Tools installation and upgrade tips and tricks

The VMware Tools package provides drivers (such as VMXNET3, PVSCSI, SVGA etc.) and services that enhance the performance of virtual machines and make several vSphere features easy to use. Here are some tips and tricks when working with VMware Tools: An overview of the VMware Tools versions mapping can be found here, … [Read more...]

Backup the ESXi configuration and update the status in vCenter

I create a simple PowerCLI script that backups all the ESXi hosts configurations that are connected in a vCenter server and displays the backup status in vCenter. To display the backup status in vCenter I created a global custom attribute called “Last ESXi Backup”. After the ESXi PowerCLI backup script runs the  … [Read more...]

Display the maximum concurrent connected users in VMware Horizon View with PowerCLI

VMware Horizon View generates everyday at 5 minutes  for midnight an event how many concurrent users connected to View that day. This information can be useful for example when when investing trends. When the Event database in the VMware Horizon View Administrator is configured, this information can be found … [Read more...]

VMware: Cannot delete virtual machine from disk with more then 100 active snapshots

Today I tried to delete a virtual machine with more then 100 (damn Backup Exec) snapshots, in the vSphere Client I selected in the inventory:  “Delete from disk”  , few seconds later I received this error message: Cannot complete the operation due to an incorrect request to the server Events directly at the vSphere 5.0 … [Read more...]

VMware: Mass change portgroup VM’s in cluster with PowerCLI

Last week I configured for a customer some new VLAN’s and created on each host new vSwitches with new portgroups, to migrate all VM’s in cluster with network label “VM Network” to “Production” I’ve created this script to automate this for all virtual machines with specific network label in cluster: Original situation: … [Read more...]

VMware: Configure NetApp NFS datastore(s) Advanced parameters with PowerCLI

The settings that NetApp recommends (across all ESX hosts) are: - NFS.HeartbeatFrequency(NFS.HeartbeatDelta in vSphere) = 12 - NFS.HeartbeatTimeout = 5 (default) - NFS.HeartbeatMaxFailures = 10 When the number of NFS datastores are increased, we also recommend increasing the heap values: - Net.TcpipHeapSize … [Read more...]